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Passion Quotes

from thousands of famous people

He Was Then In His Fifty-fourth Year, When Even In The Case Of Poets Reason And Passion Begin To Discuss A Peace Treaty And Usually Conclude It Not Very Long Afterwards.
~ G. C. Lichtenberg
As Life Is Action And Passion, It Is Required Of A Man That He Should Share The Passion And Action Of His Time, At The Peril Of Being Not To Have Lived.
~ Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr
Their Element Is To Attack, To Track, To Hunt, And To Destroy The Enemy. Only In This Way Can The Eager And Skillful Fighter Pilot Display His Ability. Tie Him To A Narrow And Confined Task, Rob Him Of His Initiative, And You Take Away From Him The Best And Most Valuable Qualities He Posses: Aggressive Spirit, Joy Of Action, And The Passion Of The Hunter.
~ LtGen Adolf Galland, Luftwaffe
Mortal Lovers Must Not Try To Remain At The First Step For Lasting Passion Is The Dream Of A Harlot And From It We Wake In Despair.
~ C. S. Lewis
Absence Abates A Moderate Passion And Intensifies A Great One- As The Wind Blows Out A Candle But Fans Fire Into Flame. Maxims.
~ La Rochefoucauld
The Link Between Ideas And Action Is Rarely Direct. There Is Almost Always An Intermediate Step In Which The Idea Is Overcome. De Tocqueville Points Out That It Is At Times When Passions Start To Govern Human Affairs That Ideas Are Most Obviously Translated Into Political Action. The Translation Of Ideas Into Action Is Usually In The Hands Of People Least Likely To Follow Rational Motives. Hence, It Is That Action Is Often The Nemesis Of Ideas, And Sometimes Of The Men Who Formulate Them. One Of The Marks Of The Truly Vigorous Society Is The Ability To Dispense With Passion As A Midwife Of Action - The Ability To Pass Directly From Thought To Action.
~ Eric Hoffe
Hope Arouses, As Nothing Else Can Arouse, A Passion For The Possible.
~ William Sloane Coffin, http: //www. pbs. org/now/society/coffin. html
No Passion So Effectually Robs The Mind Of All Its Powers Of Acting And Reasoning As Fear.
~ Edmund Burke, "A Philosophical Inquiry into the Origin of Our Ideas of the Sublime and Beautiful", 1756
What The Public Wants Is The Image Of Passion, Not Passion Itself.
~ Roland Barthes, Esprit
The Worst Sin - Perhaps The Only Sin - Passion Can Commit, Is To Be Joyless.
~ Dorothy L. Sayers, O Magazine, September 2003
Your Soul Is Oftentimes A Battlefield, Upon Which Your Reason And Your Judgment Wage War Against Passion And Your Appetite.
~ Kahlil Gibran, The Prophet
A Religious Man Is A Person Who Holds God And Man In One Thought At One Time, At All Times, Who Suffers Harm Done To Others, Whose Greatest Passion Is Compassion, Whose Greatest Strength Is Love And Defiance Of Despair.
~ Abraham Joshua Heschel