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Passion Quotes

from thousands of famous people

Moral Passion Without Entertainment Is Propaganda, And Entertainment Without Moral Passion Is Television.
~ Rita Mae Brown
Absence Abates A Moderate Passion And Intensifies A Great One- As The Wind Blows Out A Candle But Fans Fire Into Flame. Maxims.
~ La Rochefoucauld
Life Is Action And Passion Therefore, It Is Required Of A Man That He Should Share The Passion And Action Of The Time, At Peril Of Being Judged Not To Have Lived.
~ Oliver Wendell Holmes
There Is No Passion Like That Of A Functionary For His Function.
~ Georges Clemenceau
Hope Arouses, As Nothing Else Can Arouse, A Passion For The Possible.
~ William Sloane Coffin, http: //www. pbs. org/now/society/coffin. html
He Fell In Love With Himself At First Sight, And It Is A Passion To Which He Has Always Remained Faithful. Self-love Seems So Often Unrequited.
~ Anthony Powell
Sexual Pleasure Is, I Agree, A Passion To Which All Others Are Subordinate But In Which They All Unite.
~ Marquis de Sade
The Greatest Gift Is A Passion For Reading. It Is Cheap, It Consoles, It Distracts, It Excites, It Gives You Knowledge Of The World And Experience Of A Wide Kind. It Is A Moral Illumination.
~ Elizabeth Hardwick
The Duration Of Passion Is Proportionate With The Original Resistance Of The Woman.
~ Honore de Balzac
The Human Animal Differs From The Lesser Primates In His Passion For Lists Of Ten Best.
~ H. Allen Smith
As In Political So In Literary Action A Man Wins Friends For Himself Mostly By The Passion Of His Prejudices And The Consistent Narrowness Of His Outlook.
~ Joseph Conrad
Educate Your Children To Self-control, To The Habit Of Holding Passion And Prejudice And Evil Tendencies Subject To An Upright And Reasoning Will, And You Have Done Much To Abolish Misery From Their Future And Crimes From Society.
~ Benjamin Franklin