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Passion Quotes

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A Religious Man Is A Person Who Holds God And Man In One Thought At One Time, At All Times, Who Suffers Harm Done To Others, Whose Greatest Passion Is Compassion, Whose Greatest Strength Is Love And Defiance Of Despair.
~ Abraham Joshua Heschel
In How Many Lives Does Love Really Play A Dominant Part The Average Taxpayer Is No More Capable Of The Grand Passion Than Of A Grand Opera.
~ Israel Zangwill
Judgement, Not Passion Should Prevail.
~ Epicharmus
It Is Suggested That, In Domestic Violence At Least, The Presence Or Absence Of A Firearm, Or Of Any Other Type Of Weapon, Is Of Far Less Importance To The Outcome Than The Passion Generated In The Attacker. The Man Who Has Lost Control Will Cause Serious Injuries In Many Cases, Quite Irrespective Of The Weapon He Uses And Regardless Of The Certainty Of Detection And Punishment.
~ Colin Greenwood
In Endowing Us With Memory, Nature Has Revealed To Us A Truth Utterly Unimaginable To The Unreflective Creation, The Truth Of Immortality.... The Most Ideal Human Passion Is Love, Which Is Also The Most Absolute And Animal And One Of The Most Ephemeral.
~ George Santayana
Some People Feel Guilty About Their Anxieties And Regard Them As A Defect Of Faith But They Are Afflictions, Not Sins. Like All Afflictions, They Are, If We Can So Take Them, Our Share In The Passion Of Christ.
~ Clive Staples Lewis
We Are Not Enemies But Friends. We Must Not Be Enemies. Though Passion May Have Strained It Must Not Break Our Bonds Of Affection. The Mystic Cords Of Memory Shall Swell When Again Touched, As Surely They Will Be, By The Better Angels Of Nature.
~ Abraham Lincoln
Anger Is A Momentary Madness, So Control Your Passion Or It Will Control You.
~ G. M. Trevelyan
There Is Only One Universal Passion Fear.
~ George Bernard Shaw
The Capacity For Passion Is Both Cruel And Divine.
~ George Sand
A Passion For Politics Stems Usually From An Insatiable Need, Either For Power, Or For Friendship And Adulation, Or A Combination Of Both.
~ Fawn M. Brodie
Love Is Substance; Lust, Illusion. Only In The Surge Of Passion Do The Two Mingle In Confusion.
~ Calvin Miller, The Singer Trilogy