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Passion Quotes

from thousands of famous people

As Life Is Action And Passion, It Is Required Of A Man That He Should Share The Passion And Action Of His Time, At Peril Of Being Judged Not To Have Lived.
~ Oliver Wendell Holmes
A Passion For Politics Stems Usually From An Insatiable Need, Either For Power, Or For Friendship And Adulation, Or A Combination Of Both.
~ Fawn M. Brodie
Perhaps The Mission Of Those Who Love Mankind Is To Make People Laugh At The Truth, To Make Truth Laugh, Because The Only Truth Lies In Learning To Free Ourselves From Insane Passion For The Truth.
~ Umberto Eco
It Is A Revenge The Devil Sometimes Takes Upon The Virtuous, That He Entraps Them By The Force Of The Very Passion They Have Suppressed And Think Themselves Superior To.
~ George Santayana
We Must Not Be Enemies. Though Passion May Have Strained, It Must Not Break Our Bonds Of Affection. The Mystic Chords Of Memory, Stretching From Every Battlefield And Patriot Grave, To Every Living Heart And Hearth-stone, All Over This Broad Land, Will Yet Swell The Chorus Of The Union When Again Touched, As Surely They Will Be, By The Better Angels Of Our Nature.
~ Abraham Lincoln
Hope Arouses, As Nothing Else Can Arouse, A Passion For The Possible.
~ William Sloane Coffin, http: //www. pbs. org/now/society/coffin. html
Moral Passion Without Entertainment Is Propaganda, And Entertainment Without Moral Passion Is Television.
~ Rita Mae Brown
You Can Make Those Promises With Just As Much Passion The Second Time Around. Such Is The Regenerative Power Of The Human Heart.
~ Marion Wink, O Magazine, 2003
There Is No Passion Like That Of A Functionary For His Function.
~ Georges Clemenceau
To Be Good, According To The Vulgar Standard Of Goodness, Is Obviously Quite Easy. It Merely Requires A Certain Amount Of Sordid Terror, A Certain Lack Of Imaginative Thought, And A Certain Low Passion For Middle-class Respectability.
~ Oscar Wilde
He Fell In Love With Himself At First Sight, And It Is A Passion To Which He Has Always Remained Faithful. Self-love Seems So Often Unrequited.
~ Anthony Powell
Intellectual Passion Dries Out Sensuality.
~ Leonardo da Vinci, The Notebooks