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Peace Quotes

from thousands of famous people

Do Not Judge Men By Mere Appearances For The Light Laughter That Bubbles On The Lip Often Mantles Over The Depths Of Sadness, And The Serious Look May Be The Sober Veil That Covers A Divine Peace And Joy.
~ E. H. Chapin
The Deepest American Dream Is Not The Hunger For Money Or Fame It Is The Dream Of Settling Down, In Peace And Freedom And Cooperation, In The Promised Land.
~ Scott Russell Sanders
The Most Disadvantageous Peace Is Better Than The Most Just War.
~ Desiderius Erasmus
If Peace Is Equated Simply With The Absence Of War, It Can Become Abject Pacifism That Turns The World Over To The Most Ruthless.
~ Henry Kissinge
Everybody In This Life Has Their Challenges And Difficulties. That Is Part Of Our Mortal Test.... Peace Comes Through Hope.
~ James E. Faust
Christmas Is Not A Time Nor A Season, But A State Of Mind. To Cherish Peace And Goodwill, To Be Plenteous In Mercy, Is To Have The Real Spirit Of Christmas.
~ Calvin Coolidge
What A Beautiful Fix We Are In Now; Peace Has Been Declared.
~ Napoleon Bonaparte, 1802
We Will Not Have Peace By Afterthought.
~ Norman Cousins
Peace Is Not A Relationship Of Nations. It Is A Condition Of Mind Brought About By A Serenity Of Soul. Peace Is Not Merely The Absence Of War. It Is Also A State Of Mind. Lasting Peace Can Come Only To Peaceful People.
~ Jawaharlal Nehru
In Italy For Thirty Years Under The Borgias They Had Warfare, Terror, Murder And Bloodshed But They Produced Michelangelo, Leonardo Da Vinci And The Renaissance. In Switzerland, They Had Brotherly Love; They Had Five Hundred Years Of Democracy And Peace And What Did That Produce? The Cuckoo Clock.
~ Orson Welles
We Call That Person Who Has Lost His Father, An Orphan And A Widower That Man Who Has Lost His Wife. But That Man Who Has Known The Immense Unhappiness Of Losing A Friend, By What Name Do We Call Him Here Every Language Is Silent And Holds Its Peace In Impotence.
~ Joseph Roux
This Is The True Nature Of Home - It Is The Place Of Peace The Shelter, Not Only From Injury, But From All Terror, Doubt And Division.
~ John Ruskin