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Peace Quotes

from thousands of famous people

The Name Of Peace Is Sweet, And The Thing Itself Is Beneficial, But There Is A Great Difference Between Peace And Servitude. Peace Is Freedom In Tranquillity, Servitude Is The Worst Of All Evils, To Be Resisted Not Only By War, But Even By Death.
~ Cicero
Your Life And My Life Flow Into Each Other As Wave Flows Into Wave, And Unless There Is Peace And Joy And Freedom For You, There Can Be No Real Peace Or Joy Or Freedom For Me. To See Reality--not As We Expect It To Be But As It Is--is To See That Unless We Live For Each Other And In And Through Each Other, We Do Not Really Live Very Satisfactorily That There Can Really Be Life Only Where There Really Is, In Just This Sense, Love.
~ Frederick Buechne
To Be Feared Is To Fear No One Has Been Able To Strike Terror Into Others And At The Same Time Enjoy Peace Of Mind.
~ Seneca
He Was Then In His Fifty-fourth Year, When Even In The Case Of Poets Reason And Passion Begin To Discuss A Peace Treaty And Usually Conclude It Not Very Long Afterwards.
~ G. C. Lichtenberg
The Universal And Lasting Establishment Of Peace Constitutes Not Merely A Part, But The Whole Final Purpose And End Of The Science Of Right As Viewed Within The Limits Of Reason.
~ Immanuel Kant, The Science of Right
All Of Us Who Are Concerned For Peace And Triumph Of Reason And Justice Must Be Keenly Aware How Small An Influence Reason And Honest Good Will Exert Upon Events In The Political Field.
~ Albert Einstein
One Path Alone Leads To A Life Of Peace The Path Of Virtue.
~ Juvenal
First Keep The Peace Within Yourself, Then You Can Also Bring Peace To Others.
~ Thomas a Kempis, Imitation of Christ, 1420
The Object Of Government In Peace And In War Is Not The Glory Of Rulers Or Of Races, But The Happiness Of The Common Man.
~ Lord William Beveridge
All We Are Saying Is Give Peace A Chance.
~ John Lennon
The Issues Are The Same. We Wanted Peace On Earth, Love, And Understanding Between Everyone Around The World. We Have Learned That Change Comes Slowly.
~ Paul McCartney, The Observer (1987)
Do Not Judge Men By Mere Appearances For The Light Laughter That Bubbles On The Lip Often Mantles Over The Depths Of Sadness, And The Serious Look May Be The Sober Veil That Covers A Divine Peace And Joy.
~ E. H. Chapin