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Peace Quotes

from thousands of famous people

To Be Feared Is To Fear: No One Has Been Able To Strike Terror Into Others And At The Same Time Enjoy Peace Of Mind.
~ Seneca
Johnson Himself Turned Out To Be So Many Different Characters He Could Have Populated All Of War And Peace And Still Had A Few People Left Over.
~ Herbert Mitgang
Has Not Peace Honours And Glories Of Her Own Unattended By The Dangers Of Wa.
~ Hermocrates of Syracuse
First Keep The Peace Within Yourself, Then You Can Also Bring Peace To Others.
~ Thomas a Kempis, Imitation of Christ, 1420
In Italy For Thirty Years Under The Borgias They Had Warfare, Terror, Murder And Bloodshed But They Produced Michelangelo, Leonardo Da Vinci And The Renaissance. In Switzerland, They Had Brotherly Love; They Had Five Hundred Years Of Democracy And Peace And What Did That Produce? The Cuckoo Clock.
~ Orson Welles
Do You Know What Is Better Than Charity And Fasting And Prayer? It Is Keeping Peace And Good Relations Between People, As Quarrels And Bad Feelings Destroy Mankind.
~ Prophet Mohammed, Muslim & Bukhari
Everything Is Changeable, Everything Appears And Disappears There Is No Blissful Peace Until One Passes Beyond The Agony Of Life And Death.
~ Buddha
If There Is Light In The Soul, There Will Be Beauty In The Person. If There Is Beauty In The Person, There Will Be Harmony In The House. If There Is Harmony In The House, There Will Be Order In The Nation. If There Is Order In The Nation, There Will Be Peace In The World.
~ Chinese Prove
If The Prince Of Peace Should Come To Earth, One Of The First Things He Would Do Would Be To Put Psychiatrists In Their Place.
~ Aldous Huxley
It? S Utterly Impossible For Me To Build My Life On A Foundation Of Chaos, Suffering And Death. I See The World Being Slowly Transformed Into A Wilderness, I Hear The Approaching Thunder That, One Day, Will Destroy Us Too, I Feel The Suffering Of Millions. And Yet, When I Look Up At The Sky, I Somehow Feel That Everything Will Change For The Better, That This Cruelty Too Shall End, That Peace And Tranquility Will Return Once More.
~ Anne Frank, Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl, July 15, 1944
On That Day Let Us Solemnly Remember The Sacrifices Of All Those Who Fought So Valiantly, On The Seas, In The Air, And On Foreign Shores, To Preserve Our Heritage Of Freedom, And Let Us Reconsecrate Ourselves To The Task Of Promoting An Enduring Peace So That All Their Efforts Shall Not Have Been In Vain.
~ Dwight D. Eisenhowe
There Are Two Ways Of Resisting War: The Legal Way And The Revolutionary Way. The Legal Way Involves The Offer Of Alternatinve Service Not As A Privilege For A Few But As A Right For All. The Revolutionary View Involves An Uncompromising Resistance, With A View To Breaking The Power Of Militarism In Time Of Peace Or The Resources Of The State In Time Of War.
~ Albert Einstein