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Peace Quotes

from thousands of famous people

God Cannot Give Us A Happiness And Peace Apart From Himself, Because It Is Not There. There Is No Such Thing.
~ C. S. Lewis
You Can Not Gain Peace By Avoiding Life.
~ Virginia Woolf
I Feel Within Me A Peace Above All Earthly Dignities, A Still And Quiet Conscience.
~ William Shakespeare
No One Would Be Foolish Enough To Choose War Over Peace--in Peace Sons Bury Their Fathers, But In War Fathers Bury Their Sons.
~ Croesus of Lydia
A Musician Must Make Music, An Artist Must Paint, A Poet Must Write If He Is To Be Ultimately At Peace With Himself. What One Can Be, One Must Be.
~ Abraham Maslow
In Italy For Thirty Years Under The Borgias They Had Warfare, Terror, Murder And Bloodshed But They Produced Michelangelo, Leonardo Da Vinci And The Renaissance. In Switzerland, They Had Brotherly Love; They Had Five Hundred Years Of Democracy And Peace And What Did That Produce? The Cuckoo Clock.
~ Orson Welles
To Be Feared Is To Fear: No One Has Been Able To Strike Terror Into Others And At The Same Time Enjoy Peace Of Mind.
~ Seneca
The Sacrifice Which Causes Sorrow To The Doer Of The Sacrifice Is No Sacrifice. Real Sacrifice Lightens The Mind Of The Doer And Gives Him A Sense Of Peace And Joy. The Buddha Gave Up The Pleasures Of Life Because They Had Become Painful To Him.
~ Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi
The White, The Hispanic, The Black, The Arab, The Jew, The Woman, The Native American, The Small Farmer, The Businessperson, The Environmentalist, The Peace Activist, The Young, The Old, The Lesbian, The Gay And The Disabled Make Up The American Quilt.
~ Jesse Louis Jackson
Is Life So Dear, Or Peace So Sweet, As To Be Purchased At The Price Of Chains Or Slavery? Forbid It, Almighty God! I Know Not What Course Others May Take But As For Me; Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death!
~ Patrick Henry
Johnson Himself Turned Out To Be So Many Different Characters He Could Have Populated All Of War And Peace And Still Had A Few People Left Over.
~ Herbert Mitgang
The Peace Of Heaven Is Theirs That Lift Their Swords, In Such A Just And Charitable War.
~ William Shakespeare