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Peace Quotes

from thousands of famous people

Peace Has Never Come From Dropping Bombs. Real Peace Comes From Enlightenment And Educating People To Behave More In A Divine Manner.
~ Carlos Santana, Associated Press interview, September 1, 2004
But Peace Does Not Rest In The Charters And Covenants Alone. It Lies In The Hearts And Minds Of All People. So Let Us Not Rest All Our Hopes On Parchment And On Paper, Let Us Strive To Build Peace, A Desire For Peace, A Willingness To Work For Peace In The Hearts And Minds Of All Of Our People. I Believe That We Can. I Believe The Problems Of Human Destiny Are Not Beyond The Reach Of Human Beings.
~ John F. Kennedy
The Universal And Lasting Establishment Of Peace Constitutes Not Merely A Part, But The Whole Final Purpose And End Of The Science Of Right As Viewed Within The Limits Of Reason.
~ Immanuel Kant, The Science of Right
An Election Is Coming. Universal Peace Is Declared And The Foxes Have Sincere Interest In Prolonging The Lives Of The Poultry.
~ T. S. Eliot, Quoted in the May, 24 edition of "The Montreal Gazette"
The Fidelity Of The United States To Security Treaties Is Not Just An Empty Matter. It Is A Pillar Of Peace In The World.
~ David Dean Rusk
In Italy For Thirty Years Under The Borgias They Had Warfare, Terror, Murder And Bloodshed But They Produced Michelangelo, Leonardo Da Vinci And The Renaissance. In Switzerland, They Had Brotherly Love; They Had Five Hundred Years Of Democracy And Peace And What Did That Produce? The Cuckoo Clock.
~ Orson Welles
I Feel Within Me A Peace Above All Earthly Dignities, A Still And Quiet Conscience.
~ William Shakespeare
There Is No Path To Peace. Peace Is The Path.
~ Mahatma Gandhi, "Non- Violence in Peace and War"
There Is No Way To Peace Peace Is The Way.
~ A. J. Muste
Five Enemies Of Peace Inhabit With Us--avarice, Ambition, Envy, Anger, And Pride If These Were To Be Banished, We Should Infallibly Enjoy Perpetual Peace.
~ Francesco Petrarch
We Merely Want To Live In Peace With All The World, To Trade With Them, To Commune With Them, To Learn From Their Culture As They May Learn From Ours, So That The Products Of Our Toil May Be Used For Our Schools And Our Roads And Our Churches And Not For Guns And Planes And Tanks And Ships Of War.
~ Dwight D. Eisenhowe
Swiftly Arose And Spread Around Me The Peace And Knowledge That Pass All The Argument Of The Earth, And I Know That The Hand Of God Is The Promise Of My Own, And I Know That The Spirit Of God Is The Brother Of My Own, And That All The Men Ever Born Are Also My Brothers, And The Women My Sisters And Lovers, And That A Kelson Of The Creation Is Love.
~ Walt Whitman