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Peace Quotes

from thousands of famous people

It Citizenship Would Give To Persons Of The Negro Race, Who Were Recognized As Citizens In Any One State Of The Union, The Right To Enter Every Other State Whenever They Pleased, Singly Or In Companies, Without Pass Or Passport, Andwithout Obstruction, To Sojourn There As Long As They Pleased, To Go Where They Pleased At Every Hour Of The Day Or Night Without Molestation, Unless They Committed Some Violation Of The Law For Which A White Man Would Be Punished It Citizenship Would Give Them The Full Liberty Of Speech In Public And In Private Upon All Subjects Upon Which Its Own Citizens Might Speak To Hold Public Meetings Upon Political Affairs, And To Keep And Carry Arms Wherever They Went. And All This Would Be Done In The Face Of The Subject Race Of The Same Color, Both Free And Slaves, Inevitably Producing Discontent And Insubordination Among Them, And Endangering The Peace And Safety Of The State.
~ Roger B. Taney
The Name Of Peace Is Sweet, And The Thing Itself Is Beneficial, But There Is A Great Difference Between Peace And Servitude. Peace Is Freedom In Tranquillity, Servitude Is The Worst Of All Evils, To Be Resisted Not Only By War, But Even By Death.
~ Cicero
War Is Peace Freedom Is Slavery Ignorance Is Strength.
~ George Orwell, Book "1984"
This Is Before The Coming Of A New Heaven And A New Earth, In The Which Shall Reign The Prince Of Peace Forever And Forever, As The Old Shall Be Passed Away, For Lo On Earth There Is Nothing Great But Man In Man There Is Nothing Great But Mind.... .
~ Phylos the Tibetan
Do Not Judge Men By Mere Appearances; For The Light Laughter That Bubbles On The Lip Often Mantles Over The Depths Of Sadness, And The Serious Look May Be The Sober Veil That Covers A Divine Peace And Joy.
~ E. H. Chapin
Peace Can Be Reached Through Meditation On The Knowledge Which Dreams Give. Peace Can Also Be Reached Through Concentration Upon That Which Is Dearest To The Heart.
~ Patanjali
Your Life And My Life Flow Into Each Other As Wave Flows Into Wave, And Unless There Is Peace And Joy And Freedom For You, There Can Be No Real Peace Or Joy Or Freedom For Me. To See Reality--not As We Expect It To Be But As It Is--is To See That Unless We Live For Each Other And In And Through Each Other, We Do Not Really Live Very Satisfactorily That There Can Really Be Life Only Where There Really Is, In Just This Sense, Love.
~ Frederick Buechne
Let Tears Flow Of Their Own Accord: Their Flowing Is Not Inconsistent With Inward Peace And Harmony.
~ Seneca
Violence Is Unnecessary And Costly. Peace Is The Only Way.
~ Julius K. Nyerere
But Peace Does Not Rest In The Charters And Covenants Alone. It Lies In The Hearts And Minds Of All People. So Let Us Not Rest All Our Hopes On Parchment And On Paper, Let Us Strive To Build Peace, A Desire For Peace, A Willingness To Work For Peace In The Hearts And Minds Of All Of Our People. I Believe That We Can. I Believe The Problems Of Human Destiny Are Not Beyond The Reach Of Human Beings.
~ John F. Kennedy
It Is Essential To Know That To Be A Happy Person, A Happy Family, A Happy Society, It Is Very Crucial To Have A Good Heart, That Is Very Crucial. World Peach Must Develop From Inner Peace. Peace Is Not Just The Absence Of Violence But The Manifestation Of Human Compassion.
~ Dalai Lama, (in exile) Associated Press, 5/14/01
Acquire Inner Peace And A Multitude Will Find Their Salvation Near You.
~ Catherine de Hueck Doherty, O Magazine, October 2002