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Peace Quotes

from thousands of famous people

We Merely Want To Live In Peace With All The World, To Trade With Them, To Commune With Them, To Learn From Their Culture As They May Learn From Ours, So That The Products Of Our Toil May Be Used For Our Schools And Our Roads And Our Churches And Not For Guns And Planes And Tanks And Ships Of War.
~ Dwight D. Eisenhowe
And The Work Of Righteousness Shall Be Peace And The Effect Of Righteousness Quietness And Assurance For Ever.
~ Bible
If We Are To Teach Real Peace In This World, And If We Are To Carry On A Real War Against War, We Shall Have To Begin With The Children.
~ Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi
Success Is Peace Of Mind Which Is A Direct Result Of Self-satisfaction In Knowing You Did Your Best To Become The Best You Are Capable Of Becoming.
~ John Wooden
Why Cross An Ocean When You Can Cross A River Why Should We Sail To Washington When We Can Meet Right Away 10 Miles From Here On Middle East Peace Initiative.
~ Shimon Peres
It Is Essential To Know That To Be A Happy Person, A Happy Family, A Happy Society, It Is Very Crucial To Have A Good Heart, That Is Very Crucial. World Peach Must Develop From Inner Peace. Peace Is Not Just The Absence Of Violence But The Manifestation Of Human Compassion.
~ Dalai Lama, (in exile) Associated Press, 5/14/01
Make No Mistake About It: Operation Desert Storm Truly Was A Victory Of Good Over Evil, Of Freedom Over Tyranny, Of Peace Over War.
~ Dan Quayle, remarks at Arlington National Cemetery
Do Not Judge Men By Mere Appearances For The Light Laughter That Bubbles On The Lip Often Mantles Over The Depths Of Sadness, And The Serious Look May Be The Sober Veil That Covers A Divine Peace And Joy.
~ E. H. Chapin
But Peace Does Not Rest In The Charters And Covenants Alone. It Lies In The Hearts And Minds Of All People. So Let Us Not Rest All Our Hopes On Parchment And On Paper, Let Us Strive To Build Peace, A Desire For Peace, A Willingness To Work For Peace In The Hearts And Minds Of All Of Our People. I Believe That We Can. I Believe The Problems Of Human Destiny Are Not Beyond The Reach Of Human Beings.
~ John F. Kennedy
To Be Feared Is To Fear No One Has Been Able To Strike Terror Into Others And At The Same Time Enjoy Peace Of Mind.
~ Seneca
Nothing Is More Conducive To Peace Of Mind Than Not Having Any Opinions At All.
~ Georg Christoph Lichtenberg
Money Cannot Buy Peace Of Mind. It Cannot Heal Ruptured Relationships, Or Build Meaning Into A Life That Has None.
~ Richard M. DeVos