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Peace Quotes

from thousands of famous people

Each Religion, By The Help Of More Or Less Myth Which It Takes More Or Less Seriously, Proposes Some Method Of Fortifying The Human Soul And Enabling It To Make Its Peace With Its Destiny.
~ George Santayana
What A Beautiful Fix We Are In Now; Peace Has Been Declared.
~ Napoleon Bonaparte, 1802
There Is No Path To Peace. Peace Is The Path.
~ Mahatma Gandhi, "Non- Violence in Peace and War"
The World Will Never Have Lasting Peace So Long As Men Reserve For War The Finest Human Qualities. Peace, No Less Than War, Requires Idealism And Self-sacrifice And A Righteous And Dynamic Faith.
~ John Foster Dulles
To Be Feared Is To Fear: No One Has Been Able To Strike Terror Into Others And At The Same Time Enjoy Peace Of Mind.
~ Seneca
Swiftly Arose And Spread Around Me The Peace And Knowledge That Pass All The Argument Of The Earth, And I Know That The Hand Of God Is The Promise Of My Own, And I Know That The Spirit Of God Is The Brother Of My Own, And That All The Men Ever Born Are Also My Brothers, And The Women My Sisters And Lovers, And That A Kelson Of The Creation Is Love.
~ Walt Whitman
Everything Is Changeable, Everything Appears And Disappears There Is No Blissful Peace Until One Passes Beyond The Agony Of Life And Death.
~ Buddha
Acquire Inner Peace And A Multitude Will Find Their Salvation Near You.
~ Catherine de Hueck Doherty, O Magazine, October 2002
The Universal And Lasting Establishment Of Peace Constitutes Not Merely A Part, But The Whole Final Purpose And End Of The Science Of Right As Viewed Within The Limits Of Reason.
~ Immanuel Kant, The Science of Right
People In The Long Run Are Going To Do More To Promote Peace Than Governments.
~ Dwight D Eisenhowe
We Can Gain No Lasting Peace If We Approach It With Suspicion And Mistrust Or With Fear. We Can Gain It Only If We Proceed With The Understanding, The Confidence, And The Courage Which Flow From Conviction.
~ Franklin D. Roosevelt, Fourth Inaugural Address, Jan. 20, 1945
One Of The Most Basic Principles For Making And Keeping Peace Within And Between Nations... Is That In Political, Military, Moral, And Spiritual Confrontations, There Should Be An Honest Attempt At The Reconciliation Of Differences Before Resorting To Combat.
~ Jimmy Carte