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Peace Quotes

from thousands of famous people

He Was Then In His Fifty-fourth Year, When Even In The Case Of Poets Reason And Passion Begin To Discuss A Peace Treaty And Usually Conclude It Not Very Long Afterwards.
~ G. C. Lichtenberg
Each Religion, By The Help Of More Or Less Myth Which It Takes More Or Less Seriously, Proposes Some Method Of Fortifying The Human Soul And Enabline It To Make Its Peace With Its Destiny.
~ George Santayana
And The Work Of Righteousness Shall Be Peace And The Effect Of Righteousness Quietness And Assurance For Ever.
~ Bible
Let Tears Flow Of Their Own Accord Their Flowing Is Not Inconsistent With Inward Peace And Harmony.
~ Seneca
The Issues Are The Same. We Wanted Peace On Earth, Love, And Understanding Between Everyone Around The World. We Have Learned That Change Comes Slowly.
~ Paul McCartney, The Observer (1987)
Why Cross An Ocean When You Can Cross A River Why Should We Sail To Washington When We Can Meet Right Away 10 Miles From Here On Middle East Peace Initiative.
~ Shimon Peres
All Of Us Who Are Concerned For Peace And Triumph Of Reason And Justice Must Be Keenly Aware How Small An Influence Reason And Honest Good Will Exert Upon Events In The Political Field.
~ Albert Einstein
He Is Happiest, Be He King Or Peasant, Who Finds Peace In His Home.
~ Johann von Goethe
Is Life So Dear Or Peace So Sweet As To Be Purchased At The Price Of Chains And Slavery Forbid It, Almighty God I Know Not What Course Others May Take, But As For Me, Give Me Liberty, Or Give Me Death.
~ Patrick Henry
The Hope Of A Secure And Livable World Lies With Disciplined Nonconformists Who Are Dedicated To Justice, Peace And Brotherhood.
~ Martin Luther King Jr., "Strength to Love"
As This Long And Difficult War Ends, I Would Like To Address A Few Special Words To... The American People Your Steadfastness In Supporting Our Insistence On Peace With Honor Has Made Peace With Honor Possible. On The Vietnam Wa.
~ Richard Milhous Nixon
The Object Of Government In Peace And In War Is Not The Glory Of Rulers Or Of Races, But The Happiness Of The Common Man.
~ Lord William Beveridge