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Peace Quotes

from thousands of famous people

In Times Of Tumult And Discord Bad Men Have The Most Power Mental And Moral Excellence Require Peace And Quiteness.
~ Publius Cornelius Tacitus
Each Religion, By The Help Of More Or Less Myth Which It Takes More Or Less Seriously, Proposes Some Method Of Fortifying The Human Soul And Enabline It To Make Its Peace With Its Destiny.
~ George Santayana
If You Begin The Day With Love In Your Heart, Peace In Your Nerves, And Truth In Your Mind, You Not Only Benefit By Their Presence But Also Bring Them To Others, To Your Family And Friends, And To All Those Whose Destiny Draws Across Your Path That Day.
~ Unknown
Has Not Peace Honours And Glories Of Her Own Unattended By The Dangers Of War?
~ Hermocrates of Syracuse
The Deepest American Dream Is Not The Hunger For Money Or Fame It Is The Dream Of Settling Down, In Peace And Freedom And Cooperation, In The Promised Land.
~ Scott Russell Sanders
To Be At Peace With Ourselves We Need To Know Ourselves.
~ Caitlin Matthews
First Keep The Peace Within Yourself, Then You Can Also Bring Peace To Others.
~ Thomas a Kempis, Imitation of Christ, 1420
The Peace Of Heaven Is Theirs That Lift Their Swords, In Such A Just And Charitable War.
~ William Shakespeare
I Call Upon The Scientific Community In Our Country, Those Who Gave Us Nuclear Weapons, To Turn Their Great Talents Now To The Cause Of Mankind And World Peace To Give Us The Means Of Rendering These Nuclear Weapons Impotent And Obsolete.
~ Ronald Reagan
Genius Is Entitled To Respect Only When It Promotes The Peace And Improves The Happiness Of Mankind.
~ Lord Essex
Whatever You Do, You Need Courage. Whatever Course You Decide Upon, There Is Always Someone To Tell You That You Are Wrong. There Are Always Difficulties Arising That Tempt You To Believe Your Critics Are Right. To Map Out A Course Of Action And Follow It To An End Requires Some Of The Same Courage That A Soldier Needs. Peace Has Its Victories, But It Takes Brave Men And Women To Win Them.
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
Lord, Make Me An Instrument Of Your Peace Where There Is Hatred, Let Me Sow Love Where There Is Injury, Pardon Where There Is Doubt, Faith Where There Is Despair, Hope Where There Is Darkness, Light And Where There Is Sadness, Joy.
~ Unknown