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Peace Quotes

from thousands of famous people

The True And Solid Peace Of Nations Consists Not In Equality Of Arms, But In Mutual Trust Alone.
~ Pope John XXIII
Modern War Has Decimated Many A Country; But It Has Always Spawned Millions Of Bureaucrats. They Fatten On Shortages And Thrive On Trouble. Peace Can Never Offer Such Opportunities For Exercising Petty Tyrannies, Using Red Tape To Regiment The Individual And Making Life Generally Unpleasant.
~ Paul Tabori, _The Natural Science of Stupidity_. (New York: ChiltonCompany, 1960), p. 104
The World Must Be Made Safe For Democracy. Its Peace Must Be Planted Upon The Tested Foundations Of Political Liberty.
~ Woodrow Wilson
If Man Does Find The Solution For World Peace It Will Be The Most Revolutionary Reversal Of His Record We Have Ever Known.
~ George C. Marshall
Peace Has Never Come From Dropping Bombs. Real Peace Comes From Enlightenment And Educating People To Behave More In A Divine Manner.
~ Carlos Santana, Associated Press interview, September 1, 2004
In Times Of Tumult And Discord Bad Men Have The Most Power Mental And Moral Excellence Require Peace And Quiteness.
~ Publius Cornelius Tacitus
Once A Man Has Some Money, Peace Begins To Sound Good To Him.
~ Clint Eastwood, Movie: "A Fistful of Dollars, " 1964
Let Tears Flow Of Their Own Accord: Their Flowing Is Not Inconsistent With Inward Peace And Harmony.
~ Seneca
Has Not Peace Honours And Glories Of Her Own Unattended By The Dangers Of War?
~ Hermocrates of Syracuse
Since Wars Begin In The Minds Of Men, It Is In The Minds Of Men That The Defence Of Peace Must Be Constructed.
~ Unknown, UNESCO Constitution
We Must Come To See That Peace Is Not Merely A Distant Goal We Seek, But It Is A Means By Which We Arrive At That Goal. We Must Pursue Peaceful Ends Through Peaceful Means.
~ Martin Luther King, Jr
Violence Is Unnecessary And Costly. Peace Is The Only Way.
~ Julius K. Nyerere