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Peace Quotes

from thousands of famous people

I Define Joy As A Sustained Sense Of Well-being And Internal Peace - A Connection To What Matters.
~ Oprah Winfrey, O Magazine
In This Age When There Can Be No Losers In Peace And No Victors In War, We Must Recognize The Obligation To Match National Strength With National Restraint.
~ Lyndon B. Johnson
It Citizenship Would Give To Persons Of The Negro Race, Who Were Recognized As Citizens In Any One State Of The Union, The Right To Enter Every Other State Whenever They Pleased, Singly Or In Companies, Without Pass Or Passport, Andwithout Obstruction, To Sojourn There As Long As They Pleased, To Go Where They Pleased At Every Hour Of The Day Or Night Without Molestation, Unless They Committed Some Violation Of The Law For Which A White Man Would Be Punished It Citizenship Would Give Them The Full Liberty Of Speech In Public And In Private Upon All Subjects Upon Which Its Own Citizens Might Speak To Hold Public Meetings Upon Political Affairs, And To Keep And Carry Arms Wherever They Went. And All This Would Be Done In The Face Of The Subject Race Of The Same Color, Both Free And Slaves, Inevitably Producing Discontent And Insubordination Among Them, And Endangering The Peace And Safety Of The State.
~ Roger B. Taney
On That Day Let Us Solemnly Remember The Sacrifices Of All Those Who Fought So Valiantly, On The Seas, In The Air, And On Foreign Shores, To Preserve Our Heritage Of Freedom, And Let Us Reconsecrate Ourselves To The Task Of Promoting An Enduring Peace So That All Their Efforts Shall Not Have Been In Vain.
~ Dwight D. Eisenhowe
One Cannot Subdue A Man By Holding Back His Hands. Lasting Peace Comes Not From Force.
~ David Borenstein
A Man Of Character In Peace Is A Man Of Courage In War.
~ Sir James Glove
He That Would Live In Peace And At Ease, Must Not Speak All He Knows Nor Judge All He Sees.
~ Benjamin Franklin
Out Of The Strain Of The Doing, Into The Peace Of The Done.
~ Julia Louise Woodruff
I Feel Within Me A Peace Above All Earthly Dignities, A Still And Quiet Conscience.
~ William Shakespeare
It Is Within The Families Themselves Where Peace Can Begin.
~ Susan Partnow
If There Is To Be Any Peace It Will Come Through Being, Not Having.
~ Henry Mille
There Is Nothing More Agreeable In Life Than To Make Peace With The Establishment And Nothing More Corrupting.
~ Alan John Percivale Taylo