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Peace Quotes

from thousands of famous people

Fill Your Mind With The Meaningless Stimuli Of A World Preoccupied With Meaningless Things, And It Will Not Be Easy To Feel Peace In Your Heart.
~ Marianne Williamson
Out Of The Strain Of The Doing, Into The Peace Of The Done.
~ Julia Louise Woodruff
Realize That True Happiness Lies Within You. Waste No Time And Effort Searching For Peace And Contentment And Joy In The World Outside. Remember That There Is No Happiness In Having Or In Getting, But Only In Giving. Reach Out. Share. Smile. Hug. Happiness Is A Perfume You Cannot Pour On Others Without Getting A Few Drops On Yourself.
~ Og Mandino
Better Beans And Bacon In Peace Than Cakes And Ale In Fear.
~ Aesop
If There Is To Be Any Peace It Will Come Through Being, Not Having.
~ Henry Mille
The Mission Before Us As Ambassadors Is To Assure Peace Among, As It Were, The Diplomatic Corps Of Fellow Ambassadors. Thus We Are To Walk In Lowliness Humility And Meekness, Which Foster Longsuffering And Enable Us To Forbear One Another In Love.
~ Stephen Shobe
We Must Come To See That Peace Is Not Merely A Distant Goal We Seek, But It Is A Means By Which We Arrive At That Goal. We Must Pursue Peaceful Ends Through Peaceful Means.
~ Martin Luther King, Jr
In Italy For Thirty Years Under The Borgias They Had Warfare, Terror, Murder And Bloodshed But They Produced Michelangelo, Leonardo Da Vinci And The Renaissance. In Switzerland, They Had Brotherly Love They Had Five Hundred Years Of Democracy And Peace And What Did That Produce The Cuckoo Clock.
~ Orson Welles
It Is Essential To Know That To Be A Happy Person, A Happy Family, A Happy Society, It Is Very Crucial To Have A Good Heart, That Is Very Crucial. World Peach Must Develop From Inner Peace. Peace Is Not Just The Absence Of Violence But The Manifestation Of Human Compassion.
~ Dalai Lama, (in exile) Associated Press, 5/14/01
Do You Know What Is Better Than Charity And Fasting And Prayer? It Is Keeping Peace And Good Relations Between People, As Quarrels And Bad Feelings Destroy Mankind.
~ Prophet Mohammed, Muslim & Bukhari
It Is Better We Disintegrate In Peace And Not In Pieces.
~ Benjamin Nnamdi Azikiwe
The Most Disadvantageous Peace Is Better Than The Most Just War.
~ Desiderius Erasmus