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Peace Quotes

from thousands of famous people

Everybody In This Life Has Their Challenges And Difficulties. That Is Part Of Our Mortal Test.... Peace Comes Through Hope.
~ James E. Faust
Virtuous Motives, Trammeled By Inertia And Timidity, Are No Match For Armed And Resolute Wickedness. A Sincere Love Of Peace Is No Excuse For Muddling Hundreds Of Millions Of Humble Folk Into Total War. The Cheers Of The Weak, Well-meaning Assemblies Soon Cease To Count. Doom Marches On.
~ Sir Winston Churchill, March 1936, demanding British re-armament
An Election Is Coming. Universal Peace Is Declared And The Foxes Have Sincere Interest In Prolonging The Lives Of The Poultry.
~ T. S. Eliot, Quoted in the May, 24 edition of "The Montreal Gazette"
The World Must Be Made Safe For Democracy. Its Peace Must Be Planted Upon The Tested Foundations Of Political Liberty.
~ Woodrow Wilson, Speech to Congress, Apr. 2, 1917
The Name Of Peace Is Sweet, And The Thing Itself Is Beneficial, But There Is A Great Difference Between Peace And Servitude. Peace Is Freedom In Tranquillity, Servitude Is The Worst Of All Evils, To Be Resisted Not Only By War, But Even By Death.
~ Cicero
We Will Not Have Peace By Afterthought.
~ Norman Cousins
No Man Can Sit Down And Withhold His Hands From The Warfare Against Wrong And Get Peace From His Acquiescence.
~ Woodrow Wilson
Violence Is Unnecessary And Costly. Peace Is The Only Way.
~ Julius K. Nyerere
It? S Utterly Impossible For Me To Build My Life On A Foundation Of Chaos, Suffering And Death. I See The World Being Slowly Transformed Into A Wilderness, I Hear The Approaching Thunder That, One Day, Will Destroy Us Too, I Feel The Suffering Of Millions. And Yet, When I Look Up At The Sky, I Somehow Feel That Everything Will Change For The Better, That This Cruelty Too Shall End, That Peace And Tranquility Will Return Once More.
~ Anne Frank, Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl, July 15, 1944
Peace Is Not A Relationship Of Nations. It Is A Condition Of Mind Brought About By A Serenity Of Soul. Peace Is Not Merely The Absence Of War. It Is Also A State Of Mind. Lasting Peace Can Come Only To Peaceful People.
~ Jawaharlal Nehru
Not Merely An Absence Of Noise, Real Silence Begins When A Reasonable Being Withdraws From The Noise In Order To Find Peace And Order In His Inner Sanctuary.
~ Peter Minard
We Must Come To See That Peace Is Not Merely A Distant Goal We Seek, But It Is A Means By Which We Arrive At That Goal. We Must Pursue Peaceful Ends Through Peaceful Means.
~ Martin Luther King, Jr