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Peace Quotes

from thousands of famous people

We Discovered That Peace At Any Price Is No Peace At All.
~ Eve Denise Curie
Johnson Himself Turned Out To Be So Many Different Characters He Could Have Populated All Of War And Peace And Still Had A Few People Left Over.
~ Herbert Mitgang
The Object Of Government In Peace And In War Is Not The Glory Of Rulers Or Of Races, But The Happiness Of The Common Man.
~ Lord William Beveridge
If You Cannot Find Peace Within Yourself, You Will Never Find It Anywhere Else.
~ Marvin Gaye
One Of These Days, The People Are Going To Demand Peace Of The Government, And The Government Is Going To Have To Give It To Them.
~ Dwight Eisenhowe
There Is No Way To Peace Peace Is The Way.
~ A. J. Muste
This Is The True Nature Of Home - It Is The Place Of Peace The Shelter, Not Only From Injury, But From All Terror, Doubt And Division.
~ John Ruskin
We Call That Person Who Has Lost His Father, An Orphan And A Widower That Man Who Has Lost His Wife. But That Man Who Has Known The Immense Unhappiness Of Losing A Friend, By What Name Do We Call Him Here Every Language Is Silent And Holds Its Peace In Impotence.
~ Joseph Roux
As This Long And Difficult War Ends, I Would Like To Address A Few Special Words To... The American People Your Steadfastness In Supporting Our Insistence On Peace With Honor Has Made Peace With Honor Possible. On The Vietnam Wa.
~ Richard Milhous Nixon
The Greatest Destroyer Of Peace Is Abortion Because If A Mother Can Kill Her Own Child, What Is Left For Me To Kill You And You To Kill Me There Is Nothing Between.
~ Mother Theresa
I Took A Speed-reading Course And Read War And Peace In Twenty Minutes. It Involves Russia.
~ Woody Allen
I Do Not Want The Peace Which Passeth Understanding, I Want The Understanding Which Bringeth Peace.
~ Helen Kelle