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Peace Quotes

from thousands of famous people

The White, The Hispanic, The Black, The Arab, The Jew, The Woman, The Native American, The Small Farmer, The Businessperson, The Environmentalist, The Peace Activist, The Young, The Old, The Lesbian, The Gay And The Disabled Make Up The American Quilt.
~ Jesse Louis Jackson
Of One Thing I Am Certain, The Body Is Not The Measure Of Healing - Peace Is The Measure.
~ George Melton
A Musician Must Make Music, An Artist Must Paint, A Poet Must Write If He Is To Be Ultimately At Peace With Himself. What One Can Be, One Must Be.
~ Abraham Maslow
Modern War Has Decimated Many A Country; But It Has Always Spawned Millions Of Bureaucrats. They Fatten On Shortages And Thrive On Trouble. Peace Can Never Offer Such Opportunities For Exercising Petty Tyrannies, Using Red Tape To Regiment The Individual And Making Life Generally Unpleasant.
~ Paul Tabori, _The Natural Science of Stupidity_. (New York: ChiltonCompany, 1960), p. 104
The Fidelity Of The United States To Security Treaties Is Not Just An Empty Matter. It Is A Pillar Of Peace In The World.
~ David Dean Rusk
In Stirring Up Tumult And Strife, The Worst Men Can Do The Most, But Peace And Quiet Cannot Be Established Without Virtue.
~ Cornelius Tacitus
Where The Soul Is Full Of Peace And Joy, Outward Surrounding And Circumstances Are Of Comparatively Little Account.
~ Hannah Whitall Smith
Are These Perilous Times? They Are. But We Can Have Peace In Our Hearts And In Our Homes.
~ Gordon B. Hinkley, Speech given in October 2001
Is Life So Dear, Or Peace So Sweet, As To Be Purchased At The Price Of Chains Or Slavery? Forbid It, Almighty God! I Know Not What Course Others May Take But As For Me; Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death!
~ Patrick Henry
What We Need Is Star Peace And Not Star Wars.
~ Mikhail Sergeyevich Gorbachev
You Can Not Gain Peace By Avoiding Life.
~ Virginia Woolf
War Is Peace Freedom Is Slavery Ignorance Is Strength.
~ George Orwell, Book "1984"