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Peace Quotes

from thousands of famous people

He Is Happiest, Be He King Or Peasant, Who Finds Peace In His Home.
~ Johann von Goethe
The Sacrifice Which Causes Sorrow To The Doer Of The Sacrifice Is No Sacrifice. Real Sacrifice Lightens The Mind Of The Doer And Gives Him A Sense Of Peace And Joy. The Buddha Gave Up The Pleasures Of Life Because They Had Become Painful To Him.
~ Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi
Better Beans And Bacon In Peace Than Cakes And Ale In Fear.
~ Aesop
Every Day We Do Things, We Are Things That Have To Do With Peace. If We Are Aware Of Our Life..., Our Way Of Looking At Things, We Will Know How To Make Peace Right In The Moment, We Are Alive.
~ Thich Nhat Hanh
Realize That True Happiness Lies Within You. Waste No Time And Effort Searching For Peace And Contentment And Joy In The World Outside. Remember That There Is No Happiness In Having Or In Getting, But Only In Giving. Reach Out. Share. Smile. Hug. Happiness Is A Perfume You Cannot Pour On Others Without Getting A Few Drops On Yourself.
~ Og Mandino
I Like To Believe That People In The Long Run Are Going To Do More To Promote Peace Than Our Governments. Indeed, I Think That People Want Peace So Much That One Of These Days Governments Had Better Get Out Of The Way And Let Them Have It.
~ Dwight D. Eisenhowe
Your Life And My Life Flow Into Each Other As Wave Flows Into Wave, And Unless There Is Peace And Joy And Freedom For You, There Can Be No Real Peace Or Joy Or Freedom For Me. To See Reality--not As We Expect It To Be But As It Is--is To See That Unless We Live For Each Other And In And Through Each Other, We Do Not Really Live Very Satisfactorily That There Can Really Be Life Only Where There Really Is, In Just This Sense, Love.
~ Frederick Buechne
Once A Man Has Some Money, Peace Begins To Sound Good To Him.
~ Clint Eastwood, Movie: "A Fistful of Dollars, " 1964
Is Life So Dear Or Peace So Sweet As To Be Purchased At The Price Of Chains And Slavery Forbid It, Almighty God I Know Not What Course Others May Take, But As For Me, Give Me Liberty, Or Give Me Death.
~ Patrick Henry
Christmas Is Not A Time Nor A Season, But A State Of Mind. To Cherish Peace And Goodwill, To Be Plenteous In Mercy, Is To Have The Real Spirit Of Christmas.
~ Calvin Coolidge
Do Not Judge Men By Mere Appearances; For The Light Laughter That Bubbles On The Lip Often Mantles Over The Depths Of Sadness, And The Serious Look May Be The Sober Veil That Covers A Divine Peace And Joy.
~ E. H. Chapin
On His Deathbed Death, The Only Immortal Who Treats Us All Alike, Whose Pity And Whose Peace And Whose Refuse Are For All -- The Soiled And The Pure, The Rich And The Poor, The Loved And The Unloved.
~ Mark Twain