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Religion Quotes

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Then He Saw Also That It Matters Little What Profession, Whether Of Religion Or Irreligion, A Man May Make, Provided Only He Follows It Out With Charitable Inconsistency, And Without Insisting On It To The Bitter End. It Is In The Uncompromisingness With Which Dogma Is Held And Not In The Dogma Or Want Of Dogma That The Danger Lies.
~ Samuel Butler, The Way of All Flesh
Nothing Shocks Me More In The Men Of Religion And Their Flocks Than Their Pretensions To Be The Only Religious People.
~ Jean Guehenno
Where Religion Is Trivialized, One Is Unlikely To Find Persecution.
~ Charles Krauthamme
I Conceive The Essential Task Of Religion To Be To Develop The Consciences, The Ideals, And The Aspirations Of Mankind.
~ Robert Millikan
Science Can Destroy Religion By Ignoring It As Well As By Disproving Its Tenets. No One Ever Demonstrated, So Far As I Am Aware, The Non-existence Of Zeus Or Thor - But They Have Few Followers Now.
~ Arthur C. Clarke
Present Your Religion To A Little Child, Set Him In The Midst Of Those Who Profess It. If It Frightens Him, And Freezes The Smiles On His Lips, Then Whatever Sort Of Religion It Is, It Is Not Christianity.
~ Unknown
Men Will Wrangle For Religion Write For It Fight For It Die For It Anything But--live For It.
~ Charles Caleb Colton
Such Evil Deeds Could Religion Prompt.
~ Lucretius, De Rerum Natura
Those Who Say Religion Has Nothing To Do With Politics Do Not Know What Religion Is.
~ Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi
To Attempt To Be Religious Without Practicing A Specific Religion Is As Possible As Attempting To Speak Without A Specific Language.
~ George Santayana
I Believe I Am Not Mistaken In Saying That Christianity Is A Demanding And Serious Religion. When It Is Delivered As Easy And Amusing, It Is Another Kind Of Religion Altogether.
~ Neil Postman
The Artist Needs No Religion Beyond His Work.
~ Elbert Hubbard