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Religion Quotes

from thousands of famous people

Those Who Say Religion Has Nothing To Do With Politics Do Not Know What Religion Is.
~ Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi
The Man Who Suffers From A Sense Of Sin Is Suffering From A Particular Kind Of Self-love. In All This Vast Universe The Thing That Appears To Him Of Most Importance Is That He Himself Should Be Virtuous. It Is A Grave Defect In Certain Forms Of Traditional Religion That They Have Encouraged This Particular Kind Of Self-absorption.
~ Bertrand Russell, The Conquest of Happiness
Formerly, When Religion Was Strong And Science Weak, Men Mistook Magic For Medicine Now, When Science Is Strong And Religion Weak, Men Mistake Medicine For Magic.
~ Thomas Szasz
Science And Religion No More Contradict Each Other Than Light And Electricity.
~ William Hiram Foulkes
We Have Just Enough Religion To Make Us Hate, But Not Enough To Make Us Love On Another.
~ Jonathan Swift
All Outward Forms Of Religion Are Almost Useless, And Are The Causes Of Endless Strife. Believe There Is A Great Power Silently Working All Things For Good, Behave Yourself, And Never Mind The Rest.
~ Beatrix Potte
The Truly Religious Man Does Not Embrace A Religion And He Who Embraces One Has No Religion.
~ Kahlil Gibran
Where Religion Is Trivialized, One Is Unlikely To Find Persecution.
~ Charles Krauthamme
The West Won The World Not By The Superiority Of Its Ideas Or Values Or Religion But Rather By Its Superiority In Applying Organized Violence. Westerners Often Forget This Fact, Non-Westerners Never Do.
~ Samuel P. Huntington
Think Of How Many Religions Attempt To Validate Themselves With Prophecy. Think Of How Many People Rely On These Prophecies, However Vague, However Unfulfilled, To Support Or Prop Up Their Beliefs. Yet Has There Ever Been A Religion With The Prophetic Accuracy And Reliability Of Science?
~ Carl Sagan
The Artist Needs No Religion Beyond His Work.
~ Elbert Hubbard
A Cult Is A Religion With No Political Powe.
~ Tom Wolfe