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Religion Quotes

from thousands of famous people

It Is The Test Of A Good Religion Whether You Can Joke About It.
~ Gilbert Keith Chesterton
The True Meaning Of Religion Is Thus Not Simply Morality, But Morality Touched By Emotion.
~ Matthew Arnold
A Society Like Ours, Which Professes No One Religion And Has Allowed All Religions To Decay, Which Indulges Freedom To The Point Of License And Individualism To The Point Of Anarchy, Needs All The Support That Responsible, Cultivated Homes Can Furnish. I Hope Your Generation Will Provide A Firmer Shelter For Civilized Standards.
~ Alan Simpson
Say Nothing Of My Religion. It Is Known To God And Myself Alone. Its Evidence Before The World Is To Be Sought In My Life If It Has Been Honest And Dutiful To Society The Religion Which Has Regulated It Cannot Be A Bad One.
~ Thomas Jefferson
It Can Be Shown That For Any Nutty Theory, Beyond-the-fringe Political View, Or Strange Religion There Exists A Proponent On The Net. The Proof Is Left As An Exercise For Your Kill-file.
~ unattributed truth from r. g. frp
Nothing Shocks Me More In The Men Of Religion And Their Flocks Than Their Pretensions To Be The Only Religious People.
~ Jean Guehenno
The Fact That Astronomies Change While The Stars Abide Is A True Analogy Of Every Realm Of Human Life And Thought, Religion Not Least Of All. No Existent Theology Can Be A Final Formulation Of Spiritual Truth.
~ Harry Emerson Fosdick
My Country Is The World, And My Religion Is To Do Good.
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
Science Can Destroy Religion By Ignoring It As Well As By Disproving Its Tenets. No One Ever Demonstrated, So Far As I Am Aware, The Non-existence Of Zeus Or Thor - But They Have Few Followers Now.
~ Arthur C. Clarke
Science And Religion No More Contradict Each Other Than Light And Electricity.
~ William Hiram Foulkes
Statesmen May Plan And Speculate For Liberty But It Is Religion And Morality Alone That Can Establish The Principles Upon Which Freedom Can Securely Stand.
~ John Adams
Then He Saw Also That It Matters Little What Profession, Whether Of Religion Or Irreligion, A Man May Make, Provided Only He Follows It Out With Charitable Inconsistency, And Without Insisting On It To The Bitter End. It Is In The Uncompromisingness With Which Dogma Is Held And Not In The Dogma Or Want Of Dogma That The Danger Lies.
~ Samuel Butler, The Way of All Flesh