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Religion Quotes

from thousands of famous people

Counting Is The Religion Of This Generation It Is Its Hope And Its Salvation.
~ Gertrude Stein
Existence, As We Know It, Is Full Of Sorrow. To Mention Only One Minor Point Every Man Is A Condemned Criminal, Only He Does Not Know The Date Of His Execution. This Is Unpleasant For Every Man. Consequently Every Man Does Everything Possible To Postpone The Date, And Would Sacrifice Anything That He Has If He Could Reverse The Sentence. Practically All Religions And All Philosophies Have Started Thus Crudely, By Promising Their Adherents Some Such Reward As Immortality. No Religion Has Failed Hitherto By Not Promising Enough The Present Breaking Up Of All Religions Is Due To The Fact That People Have Asked To See The Securities. Men Have Even Renounced The Important Material Advantages Which A Well-organized Religion May Confer Upon A State, Rather Than Acquiesce In Fraud Or Falsehood, Or Even In Any System Which, If Not Proved Guilty, Is At Least Unable To Demonstrate Its Innocence. Being More Or Less Bankrupt, The Best Thing That We Can Do Is To Attack The Problem Afresh Without Preconceived Ideas. Let Us Begin By Doubting Every Statement. Let Us Find A Way Of Subjecting Every Statement To The Test Of Experiment. Is There Any Truth At All In The Claims Of Various Religions Let Us Examine The Question.
~ Aleister Crowley
Men Will Wrangle For Religion Write For It Fight For It Die For It Anything But--live For It.
~ Charles Caleb Colton
Genius Without Religion Is Only A Lamp On The Outer Gate Of A Palace; It May Serve To Cast A Gleam On Those That Are Without While The Inhabitant Sits In Darkness.
~ Hannah More
It Can Be Shown That For Any Nutty Theory, Beyond-the-fringe Political View, Or Strange Religion There Exists A Proponent On The Net. The Proof Is Left As An Exercise For Your Kill-file.
~ unattributed truth from r. g. frp
The Heart Of Religion Lies In Its Personal Pronouns.
~ Martin Luthe
There Is No Religion Higher Than The Truth.
~ H Hahn Blavatsky
To Feel The Right Emotions Is Fully As Important As To Hold The Right Ideas, And The Great Service Of Religion Is The Development Of The Right Emotions.
~ Geoffrey Parsons
We Have Enough Religion To Hate Each Other, But Not Enough To Love Each Other.
~ Jonathan Swift
Imagine There? S No Countries, It Isn? T Hard To Do; Nothing To Kill Or Die For, And No Religion Too. Imagine All The People Living Life In Peace.
~ John Lennon, Imagine
If Our Religion Only Proclaims A High Standard Of Ethics, Then Our Religion Is A Burden Heavier Than We Can Bear.
~ Rolland W. Schloe
Ethical Religion Can Be Real Only To Those Who Are Engaged In Ceaseless Efforts At Moral Improvement. By Moving Upward We Acquire Faith In An Upward Movement, Without Limit.
~ Felix Adle