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Religion Quotes

from thousands of famous people

Statesmen May Plan And Speculate For Liberty But It Is Religion And Morality Alone That Can Establish The Principles Upon Which Freedom Can Securely Stand.
~ John Adams
The Fact That Astronomies Change While The Stars Abide Is A True Analogy Of Every Realm Of Human Life And Thought, Religion Not Least Of All. No Existent Theology Can Be A Final Formulation Of Spiritual Truth.
~ Harry Emerson Fosdick
There Is A Growing Suspicion That What The World Needs Now Is A Religion That Will Cover The Other Six Days Of The Week.
~ Author Unknown
History Does Not Record Anywhere At Any Time A Religion That Has Any Rational Basis. Religion Is A Crutch For People Not Strong Enough To Stand Up To The Unknown Without Help. But, Like Dandruff, Most People Do Have A Religion And Spend Time And Money On It And Seem To Derive Considerable Pleasure From Fiddling With It.
~ Robert Heinlein, Time Enough for Love (1972)
Then He Saw Also That It Matters Little What Profession, Whether Of Religion Or Irreligion, A Man May Make, Provided Only He Follows It Out With Charitable Inconsistency, And Without Insisting On It To The Bitter End. It Is In The Uncompromisingness With Which Dogma Is Held And Not In The Dogma Or Want Of Dogma That The Danger Lies.
~ Samuel Butler, The Way of All Flesh
Say Nothing Of My Religion. It Is Known To God And Myself Alone. Its Evidence Before The World Is To Be Sought In My Life If It Has Been Honest And Dutiful To Society The Religion Which Has Regulated It Cannot Be A Bad One.
~ Thomas Jefferson
We Do Not Destroy Religion By Destroying Superstition.
~ Cicero
In Christianity Neither Morality Nor Religion Come Into Contact With Reality At Any Point.
~ Friedrich Nietzsche
I Conceive The Essential Task Of Religion To Be To Develop The Consciences, The Ideals, And The Aspirations Of Mankind.
~ Robert Millikan
A Myth Is A Religion In Which No One Any Longer Believes.
~ James Feibleman
My Religion Consists Of A Humble Admiration Of The Unlimitable Superior Who Reveals Himself In The Slight Details We Are Able To Perceive With Our Frail And Feeble Minds. That Deeply Emotional Conviction Of The Presence Of A Superior Reasoning Power, Which Is Revealed In The Incomprehensible Universe, Forms My Idea Of God.
~ Albert Einstein
Being Perfectly Well-dressed Gives A Feeling Of Tranquility That Religion Is Powerless To Bestow.
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson, quoting a friend