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Religious Quotes

from thousands of famous people

The Opposite Of The Religious Fanatic Is Not The Fanatical Atheist But The Gentle Cynic Who Cares Not Whether There Is A God Or Not.
~ Eric Hoffe
Men Are Not Made Religious By Performing Certain Actions Which Are Externally Good, But They Must First Have Righteous Principles, And Then They Will Not Fail To Perform Virtuous Actions.
~ Martin Luthe
There Is A Schizophrenic Nature In Modern Politics. A Leader Is Expected To Have A Religious Faith But He Is Not Supposed To Let It Influence Him In His Duties. Somehow, The Truths That Determine Everything Else About His Existence Are Not Allowed To Influence How He Conducts Himself In Public Life. Not Only That, His Principles Are Usually Considered So Personal That The Public Is Not Even Allowed To Know For Certain What They Are. This Passes For Noble Statecraft In Our Time. It Was Once Thought Cowardice.
~ Stephen Mansfield
I Hope That No American... Will Waste His Franchise And Throw Away His Vote By Voting Either For Me Or Against Me Solely On Account Of My Religious Affiliation. It Is Not Relevant.
~ John Fitzgerald Kennedy
People May Say What They Like About The Decay Of Christianity The Religious System That Produced Green Chartreuse Can Never Really Die.
~ Saki
My Generation, Faced As It Grew With A Choice Between Religious Belief And Existential Despair, Chose Marijuana. Now We Are In Our Cabernet Stage.
~ Peggy Noonan
What Is A Minority The Chosen Heroes Of This Earth Have Been In A Minority. There Is Not A Social, Political, Or Religious Privilege That You Enjoy Today That Was Not Bought For You By The Blood And Tears And Patient Suffering Of The Minority. It Is The Minority That Have Stood In The Van Of Every Moral Conflict, And Achieved All That Is Noble In The History Of The World.
~ John B. Gough
The More The Fruits Of Knowledge Become Accessible To Men, The More Widespread Is The Decline Of Religious Belief.
~ Sigmund Freud, The Future of an Illusion (1927)
Intellectually, Religious Emotions Are Not Creative But Conservative. They Attach Themselves To The Current View Of The World And Consecrate It.
~ John Dewey
Our Religious Faith Gives Us The Answer To The False Beliefs Of Communism... I Have The Feeling That God Has Created Us And Brought Us To Our Present Position Of Power And Strength For Some Great Purpose.
~ President Harry Truman, Public Papers of the President of the United States: Harry S. Truman - 1951 U. S. Gov. 1966 pp548-549
Being Religious Means Asking Passionately The Question Of The Meaning Of Our Existence And Being Willing To Receive Answers, Even If The Answers Hurt.
~ Paul Johannes Tillich
We Have No Government Armed With Power Capable Of Contending With Human Passions Unbridled By Morality And Religion. Avarice, Ambition, Revenge Or Gallantry Would Break The Strongest Cords Of Our Constitution As A Whale Goes Through A Net. Our Constitution Is Designed Only For A Moral And Religious People. It Is Wholly Inadequate For Any Other.
~ John Adams