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Romantic Quotes

from thousands of famous people

Is It Better To Be The Lover Or The Loved One? Neither, If Your Cholesterol Is Over Six Hundred. By Love, Of Course, I Refer To Romantic Love -- The Love Between Man And Woman, Rather Than Between Mother And Child, Or A Boy And His Dog, Or Two Headwaiters.
~ Woody Allen, Without Feathers
In Short, The Building Becomes A Theatrical Demonstration Of Its Functional Ideal. In This Romanticism, High- Tech Architecture Is, Of Course, No Different In Spirit-if Totally Different In Form-from All The Romantic Architecture Of The Past.
~ Dan Cruickshank
We Owe To The Middle Ages The Two Worst Inventions Of Humanity - Gunpowder And Romantic Love.
~ Andre Maurois
I Have Often Been Downcast, But Never In Despair I Regard Our Hiding As A Dangerous Adventure, Romantic And Interesting At The Same Time. In My Diary I Treat All The Privations As Amusing. I Have Made Up My Mind Now To Lead A Different Life From Other Girls And, Later On, Different From Ordinary Housewives. My Start Has Been So Very Full Of Interest, And That Is The Sole Reason Why I Have To Laugh At The Humorous Side Of The Most Dangerous Moments.
~ Anne Frank
The Most Dangerous Man, To Any Government, Is The Man Who Is Able To Think Things Out For Himself, Without Regard To The Prevailing Superstitions And Taboos. Almost Invariably He Comes To The Conclusion That The Government He Lives Under Is Dishonest, Insane And Intolerable, And So, If He Is Romantic, He Tries To Change It. And If He Is Not Romantic Personally, He Is Apt To Spread Discontent Among Those Who Are.
~ Henry Louis Mencken
For Every Romantic Possiblity, No Matter How Robust, There Exists At Least One Equal And Opposite Sentence, Phrase, Or Word Capable Of Extinguishing It.
~ Malcom Gladwell