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Sadness Quotes

from thousands of famous people

I Could Have Spoken From Rhode Island Where I Have Been Staying... But I Felt That, In Speaking From The House Of Lincoln, Of Jackson, And Of Wilson, My Words Would Better Convey Both The Sadness I Feel In The Action I Was Compelled Today To Make And The Firmness With Which I Intend To Pursue This Course Until The Orders Of The Federal Court At Little Rock Can Be Executed Without Unlawful Interference. On Sending Troops To Enforce Integration In Little Rock AR High School.
~ Dwight D Eisenhowe
Half Of The Secular Unrest And Dismal, Profane Sadness Of Modern Society Comes From The Vain Ideas That Every Man Is Bound To Be A Critic For Life.
~ Henry Van Dyke
The Real Sadness Of Fifty Is Not That You Change So Much But That You Change So Little.
~ Max Lerne
The Pictures Of Airplanes Flying Into Buildings, Fires Burning, Huge Structures Collapsing, Have Filled Us With Disbelief, Terrible Sadness And A Quiet, Unyielding Anger. Referring To The September 11, 2001 Terrorist Attacks On The World Trade Center And The Pentagon.
~ George Walker Bush
Do Not Assume That She Who Seeks To Comfort You Now, Lives Untroubled Among The Simple And Quiet Words That Sometimes Do You Good. Her Life May Also Have Much Sadness And Difficulty, That Remains Far Beyond Yours. Were It Otherwise, She Would Never Have Been Able To Find These Words.
~ Rainer Maria Rilke
True Greatness Comes Not When Things Go Always Good For You; But True Greatness Comes When You Are Really Tested, When You Have Taken Some Knocks, Faced Some Disappointments, When Sadness Comes. Because Only If You Have Been In The Deepest Valley, Can You Ever Know How Magnificent It Is To Be Atop The Highest Mountain.
~ Richard Nixon
Pain And Suffering Are Always Inevitable For A Large Intelligence And A Deep Heart. The Really Great Men Must, I Think, Have Great Sadness On Earth.
~ Feodor Mikhailovich Dostoyevsky
An Ounce Of Cheerfulness Is Worth A Pound Of Sadness To Serve God With.
~ Thomas Fulle