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Sex Quotes

from thousands of famous people

Nothing Is So Much To Be Shunned As Sex Relations.
~ Saint Augustine
AIDS Obliges People To Think Of Sex As Having, Possibly, The Direst Consequences Suicide. Or Murder.
~ Susan Sontag
I Can Remember When The Air Was Clean And Sex Was Dirty.
~ George Burns
It Is Not In Giving Life But In Risking Life That Man Is Raised Above The Animal That Is Why Superiority Has Been Accorded In Humanity Not To The Sex That Brings Forth But To That Which Kills.
~ Simone de Beauvoi
Golf And Sex Are About The Only Things You Can Enjoy Without Being Good At.
~ Jimmy Demaret
A Sex Symbol Becomes A Thing. I Hate Being A Thing.
~ Marilyn Monroe
Is Sex Dirty? Only If You Do It Right.
~ Woody Allen
Every Theory Of Love, From Plato Down, Teaches That Each Individual Loves In The Other Sex What He Lacks In Himself.
~ G. Stanley Hall
I Know Nothing About Sex Because I Was Always Married.
~ Zsa Zsa Gabo
Darling: The Popular Form Of Address Used In Speaking To A Person Of The Opposite Sex Whose Name You Cannot At The Moment Recall.
~ Oliver Herford
A Promiscuous Person Is Someone Who Is Getting More Sex Than You Are.
~ Victor Lownes
It Is Easier To Talk About Money -- And Much Easier To Talk About Sex -- Than It Is To Talk About Power. People Who Have It Deny It People Who Want It Do Not Want To Appear To Hunger For It And People Who Engage In Its Machinations Do So Secretly.
~ Smiley Blanton