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Sex Quotes

from thousands of famous people

I Can Remember When The Air Was Clean And Sex Was Dirty.
~ George Burns
I Can Understand Companionship. I Can Understand Bought Sex In The Afternoon. I Cannot Understand The Love Affair.
~ Gore Vidal
A Sex Symbol Becomes A Thing. I Hate Being A Thing.
~ Marilyn Monroe
Love Is The Answer, But While You Are Waiting For The Answer, Sex Raises Some Pretty Good Questions.
~ Woody Allen
Someone Asked Sophocles, How Do You Feel Now About Sex Are You Able To Have A Woman He Replied, Hush Man Most Gladly Indeed Am I Rid Off It All, As Though I Had Escaped From A Mad And Savage Master.
~ Sophocles
It Is Not In Giving Life But In Risking Life That Man Is Raised Above The Animal That Is Why Superiority Has Been Accorded In Humanity Not To The Sex That Brings Forth But To That Which Kills.
~ Simone de Beauvoi
I Believe That Sex Is One Of The Most Beautiful, Natural, Wholesome Things That Money Can Buy.
~ Steve Martin