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Success Quotes

from thousands of famous people

The Road To Success Is Always Under Construction.
~ Jim Mille
It Is Your Attitude At The Beginning Of A Task That Determines Success Or Failure.
~ Corrine Dewlow
The Talent Of Success Is Nothing More Than Doing What You Can Do Well, And Doing Well Whatever You Do Without Thought Of Fame. If It Comes At All It Will Come Because It Is Deserved, Not Because It Is Sought After.
~ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
The Secret Of My Success Is That I Always Managed To Live To Fly Another Day.
~ Boutros Boutros- Ghali
Nothing Feebler Than A Man Does The Earth Raise Up, Of All The Things Which Breathe And Move On The Earth, For He Believes That He Will Never Suffer Evil In The Future, As Long As The Gods Give Him Success And He Flourishes In His Strength; But When The Blessed Gods Bring Sorrows Too To Pass, Even These He Bears, Against His Will, With Steadfast Spirit, For The Thoughts Of Earthly Men Are Like The Day Which The Father Of Gods And Men Brings Upon Them.
~ Homer, The Odyssey
The Secret Of My Success Is That At An Early Age I Discovered I Was Not God.
~ Sri da Avabhas
I Have Heard It Said That The First Ingredient Of Success - The Earliest Spark In The Dreaming Youth - Is This Dream A Great Dream.
~ John A. Appleman
Youth Is Not Enough. And Love Is Not Enough. And Success Is Not Enough. And, If We Could Achieve It, Enough Would Not Be Enough.
~ Mignon McLaughlin
The Essential Element Of Successful Strategy Is That It Derives Its Success From The Differences Between Competitors With A Consequent Difference In Their Behavior. Ordinarily, This Means That Any Corporate Policy And Plan Which Is Typical Of The Industry Is Doomed To Mediocrity. Where This Is Not So, It Should Be Possible To Demonstrate That All Other Competitors Are At A Distinct Disadvantage.
~ Bruce Henderson
If You Have No Friends To Share Or Rejoice In Your Success In Life - If You Cannot Look Back To Those Whom You Owe Gratitude, Or Forward To Those To Whom You Ought To Afford Protection, Still It Is No Less Incumbent On You To Move Steadily In The Path Of Duty; For Your Active Excretions Are Due Not Only To Society; But In Humble Gratitude To The Being Who Made You A Member Of It, With Powers To Save Yourself And Others.
~ Walter Scott
When At Some Future Date The High Court Of History Sits In Judgment On Each One Of Us-recording Whether In Our Brief Span Of Service We Fulfilled Our Responsibilities To The State-our Success Or Failure, In Whatever Office We May Hold, Will Be Measured By The Answers To Four Questions-were We Truly Men Of Courage... Were We Truly Men Of Judgment... Were We Truly Men Of Integrity... Were We Truly Men Of Dedication.
~ John Fitzgerald Kennedy
People Seldom See The Halting And Painful Steps By Which The Most Insignificant Success Is Achieved.
~ Anne Sullivan