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Success Quotes

from thousands of famous people

Failure Is Not The Only Punishment For Laziness; There Is Also The Success Of Others.
~ Jules Renard
Failure Is Not The Only Punishment For Laziness There Is Also The Success Of Others.
~ Jules Renard
If Your Success Is Not On Your Own Terms, If It Looks Good To The World But Does Not Feel Good In Your Heart, It Is Not Success At All.
~ Anna Quindlen
If You Want To Be Truly Successful Invest In Yourself To Get The Knowledge You Need To Find Your Unique Factor. When You Find It And Focus On It And Persevere Your Success Will Blossom.
~ Sidney Madwed
The Crippling Of Individuals I Consider The Worst Evil Of Capitalism. Our Whole Educational System Suffers From This Evil. An Exaggerated Competitive Attitude Is Inculcated Into The Student, Who Is Trained To Worship Acquisitive Success As A Perparation For His Future Career.
~ Albert Einstein
For Want Of Self-restraint Many Men Are Engaged All Their Lives In Fighting With Difficulties Of Their Own Making, And Rendering Success Impossible By Their Own Cross-grained Ungentleness; Whilst Others, It May Be Much Less Gifted, Make Their Way And Achieve Success By Simple Patience, Equanimity, And Self-control.
~ Smiles
Experience Shows That Success Is Due Less To Ability That To Zeal. The Winner Is He Who Gives Himself To His Work, Body And Soul.
~ Charles Buxton
The Penalty Of Success Is To Be Bored By The Attentions Of People Who Formerly Snubbed You.
~ Mary Wilson Little
The Person Who Makes A Success Of Living Is The One Who See His Goal Steadily And Aims For It Unswervingly. That Is Dedication.
~ Cecil B. DeMille
Each Success Only Buys An Admission Ticket To A More Difficult Problem.
~ Henry Kissinger, Wilson Library Bulletin, March 1979
Formula For Success Underpromise And Overdeliver.
~ Thomas Peters
In Order That People May Be Happy In Their Work, These Three Things Are Needed: They Must Be Fit For It. They Must Not Do Too Much Of It. And They Must Have A Sense Of Success In It.
~ John Ruskin, Pre- Raphaelitism, 1850