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Success Quotes

from thousands of famous people

The Secret To Success Is To Know Something Nobody Else Knows.
~ Aristotle Onassis
The Talent Of Success Is Nothing More Than Doing What You Can Do Well, And Doing Well Whatever You Do Without Thought Of Fame. If It Comes At All It Will Come Because It Is Deserved, Not Because It Is Sought After.
~ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Civilization Is Very Much An Immature And Ongoing Experiment, The Success Of Which Is By No Means Yet Proven.
~ Colin Turnbull, anthropologist, The Human Cycle
The Superior Man Makes The Difficulty To Be Overcome His First Interest Success Only Comes Later.
~ Confucius
It Is A Mistake To Suppose That Men Succeed Through Success They Much Oftener Succeed Through Failures. Precept, Study, Advice, And Example Could Never Have Taught Them So Well As Failure Has Done.
~ Samuel Smiles
Any Great Work Of Art... Revives And Readapts Time And Space, And The Measure Of Its Success Is The Extent To Which It Makes You An Inhabitant Of That World -- The Extent To Which It Invites You In And Lets You Breathe Its Strange, Special Air.
~ Leonard Bernstein
It Is Possible That The Scrupulously Honest Man May Not Grow Rich So Fast As The Unscrupulous And Dishonest One But The Success Will Be Of A Truer Kind, Earned Without Fraud Or Injustice. And Even Though A Man Should For A Time Be Unsuccessful, Still He Must Be Honest Better Lose All And Save Character. For Character Is Itself A Fortune...
~ Samuel Smiles
A Thinker Sees His Own Actions As Experiments And Questions--as Attempts To Find Out Something. Success And Failure Are For Him Answers Above All.
~ Friedrich Nietzsche, The Gay Science, section 41
There Is Nothing More Difficult To Take In Hand, More Perilous To Conduct Or More Uncertain In Its Success Than To Take The Lead In The Introduction Of A New Order Of Things.
~ Niccolo Machiavelli "The Prince" 1532
The Only Place Where Success Comes Before Work Is In The Dictionary.
~ Vidal Sassoon
Every Success Is Built On The Ability To Do Better Than Good Enough.
~ Author Unknown
Character Can Not Be Developed In Ease And Quiet. Only Through Experience Of Trial And Suffering Can The Soul Be Strengthened, Ambition Inspired, And Success Achieved.
~ Helen Kelle