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Success Quotes

from thousands of famous people

Failure Is Only Postponed Success As Long As Courage Coaches Ambition. The Habit Of Persistence Is The Habit Of Victory.
~ Herbert Kaufman
No Foreign Policy-no Matter How Ingenious-has Any Chance Of Success If It Is Born In The Minds Of A Few And Carried In The Hearts Of None.
~ Henry Kissinge
The Secret Of Success In Life Is For A Man To Be Ready For His Opportunity When It Comes.
~ Benjamin Disraeli
We Must Never Be Afraid To Go Too Far, For Success Lies Just Beyond.
~ Marcel Proust
The Parent Who Gets Down On The Floor To Play With A Child On Christmas Day Is Usually Doing A Most Remarkable Thing -- Something Seldom Repeated During The Rest Of The Year. These Are, After All, Busy Parents Committed To Their Work Or Their Success In The Larger Society, And They Do Not Have Much Left-over Time In Which To Play With Their Children.
~ Brian Sutton- Smith
Hope... Is The Companion Of Power, And The Mother Of Success For Who So Hopes Has Within Him The Gift Of Miracles.
~ Samuel Smiles
Making A Success Of The Job At Hand Is The Best Step Toward The Kind You Want.
~ Bernard Mannes Baruch
Six Essential Qualities That Are The Key To Success Sincerity, Personal Integrity, Humility, Courtesy, Wisdom, Charity.
~ Dr. William Claire Menninge
In Hollywood A Marriage Is A Success If It Outlasts Milk.
~ Rita Rudne
The Victory Of Success Is Half Won When One Gains The Habit Of Setting Goals And Achieving Them. Even The Most Tedious Chore Will Become Endurable As You Parade Through Each Day Convinced That Every Task, No Matter How Menial Or Boring, Brings You Closer To Fulfilling Your Dreams.
~ Og Mandino
The Common Idea That Success Spoils People By Making Them Vain, Egotistic, And Self-complacent Is Erroneous -- On The Contrary, It Makes Them, For The Most Part, Humble, Tolerant, And Kind. It Is Failure That Makes People Bitter And Cruel.
~ W. Somerset Maugham
All You Need In This Life Is Ignorance And Confidence Then Success Is Sure.
~ Mark Twain