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Success Quotes

from thousands of famous people

Making A Success Of The Job At Hand Is The Best Step Toward The Kind You Want.
~ Bernard Mannes Baruch
The Talent Of Success Is Nothing More Than Doing What You Can Do Well, And Doing Well Whatever You Do Without Thought Of Fame. If It Comes At All It Will Come Because It Is Deserved, Not Because It Is Sought After.
~ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
A Smooth Sea Never Made A Skillful Mariner, Neither Do Uninterrupted Prosperity And Success Qualify For Usefulness And Happiness. The Storms Of Adversity, Like Those Of The Ocean, Rouse The Faculties, And Excite The Invention, Prudence, Skill And Fortitude Or The Voyager. The Martyrs Of Ancient Times, In Bracing Their Minds To Outward Calamities, Acquired A Loftiness Of Purpose And A Moral Heroism Worth A Lifetime Of Softness And Security.
~ Author Unknown
Try Not To Become A Man Of Success But Rather To Become A Man Of Value.
~ Albert Einstein
It Is Your Attitude At The Beginning Of A Task That Determines Success Or Failure.
~ Corrine Dewlow
The Secret Of Success Is To Do Common Things Uncommonly Well.
~ John Davidson Rockefeller, Sr
Only In The Spirit Of Attack, Born In A Brave Heart, Will Bring Success To Any Fighter Aircraft, No Matter How Highly Developed It May Be.
~ LtGen Adolf Galland, Luftwaffe
The Secret Of All Success Is To Know How To Deny Yourself. Prove That You Can Control Yourself, And You Are An Educated Man And Without This All Other Education Is Good For Nothing.
~ R. D. Hitchcock
If One Advances Confidently In The Direction Of His Dreams, And Endeavors To Live The Life Which He Imaged, He Will Meet With Success Unexpected In Common Hours.
~ Henry David Thoreau
Without Relationships, No Matter How Much Wealth, Fame, Power, Prestige And Seeming Success By The Standards And Opinions Of The World One Has, Happiness Will Constantly Eluded Him.
~ Sidney Madwed
The Surest Hindrance Of Success Is To Have Too High A Standard Of Refinement In Our Own Minds, Or Too High An Opinion Of The Judgment Of The Public. He Who Is Determined Not To Be Satisfied With Anything Short Of Perfection Will Never Do Anything To Please Himself Or Others.
~ Hazlitt
We Do Not Know, In Most Cases, How Far Social Failure And Success Are Due To Heredity, And How Far To Environment. But Environment Is The Easier Of The Two To Improve.
~ J. B. S. Haldane