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Success Quotes

from thousands of famous people

The Thermometer Of Success Is Merely The Jealousy Of The Malcontents.
~ Salvador Dali
Keep In Mind That Neither Success Nor Failure Is Ever Final.
~ Roger Babson
The Secret Of Success Is To Do All You Can Do Without Thought Of Success.
~ Author Unknown
If You Have No Friends To Share Or Rejoice In Your Success In Life - If You Cannot Look Back To Those Whom You Owe Gratitude, Or Forward To Those To Whom You Ought To Afford Protection, Still It Is No Less Incumbent On You To Move Steadily In The Path Of Duty; For Your Active Excretions Are Due Not Only To Society; But In Humble Gratitude To The Being Who Made You A Member Of It, With Powers To Save Yourself And Others.
~ Walter Scott
Champions Know That Success Is Inevitable That There Is No Such Thing As Failure, Only Feedback. They Know That The Best Way To Forecast The Future Is To Create It.
~ Michael J. Gel
I Owe My Success To Having Listened Respectfully To The Very Best Advice, And Then Going Away And Doing The Exact Opposite.
~ G. K. Chesterton
Failure Is Success If We Learn From It.
~ Malcolm Stevenson Forbes
To Travel Hopefully Is A Better Thing Than To Arrive, And The True Success Is To Labour.
~ Robert Louis Stephenson
One Should Guard Against Preaching To Young People Success In The Customary Form As The Main Aim In Life. The Most Important Motive For Work In School And In Life Is Pleasure In Work, Pleasure In Its Result, And The Knowledge Of The Value Of The Result To The Community.
~ Albert Einstein
The Victory Of Success Is Half Won When One Gains The Habit Of Setting Goals And Achieving Them. Even The Most Tedious Chore Will Become Endurable As You Parade Through Each Day Convinced That Every Task, No Matter How Menial Or Boring, Brings You Closer To Fulfilling Your Dreams.
~ Og Mandino
The Essence Of Success Is That It Is Never Necessary To Think Of A New Idea Oneself. It Is Far Better To Wait Until Somebody Else Does It, And Then To Copy Him In Every Detail, Except His Mistakes.
~ Aubrey Menen
Each Time You Are Honest And Conduct Yourself With Honesty, A Success Force Will Drive You Toward Greater Success. Each Time You Lie, Even With A Little White Lie, There Are Strong Forces Pushing You Toward Failure.
~ Joseph Sugarman