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Success Quotes

from thousands of famous people

One Should Guard Against Preaching To Young People Success In The Customary Form As The Main Aim In Life. The Most Important Motive For Work In School And In Life Is Pleasure In Work, Pleasure In Its Result, And The Knowledge Of The Value Of The Result To The Community.
~ Albert Einstein
The Penalty For Success Is To Be Bored By The People Who Used To Snub You.
~ Nancy Asto
People Seldom See The Halting And Painful Steps By Which The Most Insignificant Success Is Achieved.
~ Anne Sullivan
The Secret Of Success Is For A Man To Be Ready For His Opportunity When It Comes.
~ Benjamin Disraeli
In Hollywood A Marriage Is A Success If It Outlasts Milk.
~ Rita Rudne
The Surest Hindrance Of Success Is To Have Too High A Standard Of Refinement In Our Own Minds, Or Too High An Opinion Of The Judgment Of The Public. He Who Is Determined Not To Be Satisfied With Anything Short Of Perfection Will Never Do Anything To Please Himself Or Others.
~ Hazlitt
The Secret Of Success Is To Do All You Can Do Without Thought Of Success.
~ Author Unknown
It Is Possible That The Scrupulously Honest Man May Not Grow Rich So Fast As The Unscrupulous And Dishonest One; But Success Will Be Of A Truer Kind, Earned Without Fraud Or Injustice. And Even Though A Man Should For A Time Be Unsuccessful, Still He Must Be Honest; Better To Lose All And Save Character. For Character Is Itself A Fortune.
~ Samuel Smiles
Bear In Mind, If You Are Going To Amount To Anything, That Your Success Does Not Depend Upon The Brilliancy And The Impetuosity With Which You Take Hold, But Upon The Ever Lasting And Sanctified Bulldoggedness With Which You Hang On After You Have Taken Hold.
~ Dr. A. B. Meldrum
I Am Doomed To An Eternity Of Compulsive Work. No Set Goal Achieved Satisfies. Success Only Breeds A New Goal. The Golden Apple Devoured Has Seeds. It Is Endless.
~ Bette Davis, The Lonely Life, 1962
Nothing Feebler Than A Man Does The Earth Raise Up, Of All The Things Which Breathe And Move On The Earth, For He Believes That He Will Never Suffer Evil In The Future, As Long As The Gods Give Him Success And He Flourishes In His Strength But When The Blessed Gods Bring Sorrows Too To Pass, Even These He Bears, Against His Will, With Steadfast Spirit, For The Thoughts Of Earthly Men Are Like The Day Which The Father Of Gods And Men Brings Upon Them.
~ Home
Real Success Is Finding Your Lifework In The Work That You Love.
~ David McCullough