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Success Quotes

from thousands of famous people

Seventy Percent Of Success In Life Is Showing Up.
~ Woody Allen
Formula For Success Underpromise And Overdeliver.
~ Thomas Peters
Through Perseverance Many People Win Success Out Of What Seemed Destined To Be Certain Failure.
~ Benjamin Disraeli
Experience Shows That Success Is Due Less To Ability That To Zeal. The Winner Is He Who Gives Himself To His Work, Body And Soul.
~ Charles Buxton
You Have Reached The Pinnacle Of Success As Soon As You Become Uninterested In Money, Compliments, Or Publicity.
~ Thomas Wolfe
The Penalty Of Success Is To Be Bored By The Attentions Of People Who Formerly Snubbed You.
~ Mary Wilson Little
It Is Possible That The Scrupulously Honest Man May Not Grow Rich So Fast As The Unscrupulous And Dishonest One; But Success Will Be Of A Truer Kind, Earned Without Fraud Or Injustice. And Even Though A Man Should For A Time Be Unsuccessful, Still He Must Be Honest; Better To Lose All And Save Character. For Character Is Itself A Fortune.
~ Samuel Smiles
I Have Heard It Said That The First Ingredient Of Success - The Earliest Spark In The Dreaming Youth - Is This: Dream A Great Dream.
~ John Alan Appleman
All You Need In This Life Is Ignorance And Confidence -- And Then Success Is Sure.
~ Mark Twain
I Honestly Think It Is Better To Be A Failure At Something You Love Than To Be A Success At Something You Hate.
~ George Burns
Let Every Nation Know, Whether It Wishes Us Well Or Ill, We Shall Pay Any Price, Bear Any Burden, Meet Any Hardship, Support Any Friend, Oppose Any Foe, To Assure The Survival And Success Of Liberty.
~ John F. Kennedy
Our Subconscious Minds Have No Sense Of Humor, Play No Jokes And Cannot Tell The Difference Between Reality And An Imagined Thought Or Image. What We Continually Think About Eventually Will Manifest In Our Lives. Unfortunately Most Of Us Are Completely Unaware Of This Fact And We Do Not Monitor Our Thoughts With The Care Needed So That We Can Create In Our Lives The Results We Say We Want. Since The Great Majority Of People Do Not Feel Worthy And Deserving Of Abundant Good Fortune, Radiant Good Health And Total Success In All Areas Of Their Lives That Overriding Thought Pattern Controls The Results People Get. The First Order Of Business Of Anyone Who Wants To Enjoy Success In All Areas Of His Her Life Is To Take Charge Of The Internal Dialogue They Have And Only Think, Say And Behavior In A Manner Consistent With The Results They Truly Desire.
~ Sidney Madwed