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Success Quotes

from thousands of famous people

The Road To Success Leads Through The Valley Of Humility, And The Path Is Up The Ladder Of Patience And Across The Wide Barren Plains Of Perseverance. As Yet, No Short Cut Has Ever Been Discovered.
~ Joseph J. Lam
It Is A Mistake To Suppose That Men Succeed Through Success They Much Oftener Succeed Through Failures. Precept, Study, Advice, And Example Could Never Have Taught Them So Well As Failure Has Done.
~ Samuel Smiles
No Matter How Hard You Work For Success If Your Thought Is Saturated With The Fear Of Failure, It Will Kill Your Efforts, Neutralize Your Endeavors And Make Success Impossible.
~ Baudjuin
The Secret Of Success Is For A Man To Be Ready For His Opportunity When It Comes.
~ Benjamin Disraeli
For Want Of Self-restraint Many Men Are Engaged All Their Lives In Fighting With Difficulties Of Their Own Making, And Rendering Success Impossible By Their Own Cross-grained Ungentleness; Whilst Others, It May Be Much Less Gifted, Make Their Way And Achieve Success By Simple Patience, Equanimity, And Self-control.
~ Smiles
It Is Not The Going Out Of Port, But The Coming In, That Determines The Success Of A Voyage.
~ Henry Ward Beeche
I Have Learned This At Least By My Experiment: If One Advances Confidently In The Direction Of His Dreams, And Endeavors To Live The Life He Has Imagined, He Will Meet With A Success Unexpected In Common Hours.
~ Henry David Thoreau
True Success Is Overcoming The Fear Of Being Unsuccessful.
~ Paul Sweeney
Some Of The Best Lessons We Ever Learn Are Learned From Past Mistakes. The Error Of The Past Is The Wisdom And Success Of The Future.
~ Dr. Dale E. Turne
One Very Important Ingredient Of Success Is A Good, Wide-awake, Persistent, Tireless Enemy.
~ Frank Shutts
Forward, As Occasion Offers. Never Look Round To See Whether Any Shall Note It.... Be Satisfied With Success In Even The Smallest Matter, And Think That Even Such A Result Is No Trifle.
~ Marcus Aurelius Antoninus
If One Asks For Success And Prepares For Failure, He Will Get The Situation He Has Prepared For.
~ Florence Scovel Shinn