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Success Quotes

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The Most Successful Men In The End Are Those Whose Success Is The Result Of Steady Accretion... It Is The Man Who Carefully Advances Step By Step, With His Mind Becoming Wider And Wider - And Progressively Better Able To Grasp Any Theme Or Situation - Persevering In What He Knows To Be Practical, And Concentrating His Thought Upon It, Who Is Bound To Succeed In The Greatest Degree.
~ Alexander Graham Bell
The Person Who Makes A Success Of Living Is The One Who See His Goal Steadily And Aims For It Unswervingly. That Is Dedication.
~ Cecil B. DeMille
Keep In Mind That Neither Success Nor Failure Is Ever Final.
~ Roger Babson
Men Judge Us By The Success Of Our Efforts. God Looks At The Efforts Themselves.
~ Charlotte Bronte
Cultivate Your Curiosity. Keep It Sharp And Always Working. Consider Curiosity Your Life Preserver, Your Willingness To Try Something New. Second, Enlarge Your Enthusiasm To Include The Pursuit To Excellence, Following Every Task Through To Completion. Third, Make The Law Of Averages Work For You. By Budgeting Your Time More Carefully Than Most People You Can Make More Time Available. Does The Combination Of Curiosity, Enthusiasm, And The Law Of Averages Guarantee Success Indeed It Does Not... Success In The Final Analysis Always Involves Luck Or The Element Of Chance. Louis Pasteur Grasped This Well When He Said That Chance Favors The Prepared Mind.
~ John W. Hanley
Life Has. Taught Me Not To Expect Success To Be The Inevitable Result Of My Endeavors. She Taught Me To Seek Sustenance From The Endeavor Itself, But To Leave The Result To God.
~ Alan Stewart Paton
The First And Most Important Step Toward Success Is The Feeling That We Can Succeed.
~ Nelson Boswell
We Do Not Know, In Most Cases, How Far Social Failure And Success Are Due To Heredity, And How Far To Environment. But Environment Is The Easier Of The Two To Improve.
~ J. B. S. Haldane
The Price Of Success Is Hard Work, Dedication To The Job At Hand, And The Determination That Whether We Win Or Lose, We Have Applied The Best Of Ourselves To The Task At Hand.
~ Vince Lombardi
For Any Woman To Success In American Life She Must First Do Two Things Prepare Herself For A Profession, And Marry A Man Who Wants Her To Succeed As Much As She Does.
~ Cathleen Douglas
No One Can Possibly Achieve Any Real And Lasting Success Or Get Rich In Business By Being A Conformist.
~ J. Paul Getty
It Is Your Attitude At The Beginning Of A Task That Determines Success Or Failure.
~ Corrine Dewlow