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Success Quotes

from thousands of famous people

If You Want To Increase Your Success Rate, Double Your Failure Rate.
~ Thomas John Watson, Sr
One Essential To Success Is That Your Desire Be An All-obsessing One, Your Thoughts And Aims Be Co-ordinated, And Your Energy Be Concentrated And Applied Without Letup.
~ Claude M. Bristol
Men Judge Us By The Success Of Our Efforts. God Looks At The Efforts Themselves.
~ Charlotte Bronte
Without Relationships, No Matter How Much Wealth, Fame, Power, Prestige And Seeming Success By The Standards And Opinions Of The World One Has, Happiness Will Constantly Eluded Him.
~ Sidney Madwed
The Secret Of All Success Is To Know How To Deny Yourself. Prove That You Can Control Yourself, And You Are An Educated Man; And Without This All Other Education Is Good For Nothing.
~ R. D. Hitchcock
Many A Man Owes His Success To His First Wife And His Second Wife To His Success.
~ James Gilmore Backus
All You Need In This Life Is Ignorance And Confidence Then Success Is Sure.
~ Mark Twain
The Talent Of Success Is Nothing More Than Doing What You Can Do Well, And Doing Well Whatever You Do Without Thought Of Fame. If It Comes At All It Will Come Because It Is Deserved, Not Because It Is Sought After.
~ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
If You Have No Friends To Share Or Rejoice In Your Success In Life - If You Cannot Look Back To Those Whom You Owe Gratitude, Or Forward To Those To Whom You Ought To Afford Protection, Still It Is No Less Incumbent On You To Move Steadily In The Path Of Duty; For Your Active Excretions Are Due Not Only To Society; But In Humble Gratitude To The Being Who Made You A Member Of It, With Powers To Save Yourself And Others.
~ Walter Scott
The Parent Who Gets Down On The Floor To Play With A Child On Christmas Day Is Usually Doing A Most Remarkable Thing -- Something Seldom Repeated During The Rest Of The Year. These Are, After All, Busy Parents Committed To Their Work Or Their Success In The Larger Society, And They Do Not Have Much Left-over Time In Which To Play With Their Children.
~ Brian Sutton- Smith
For Any Woman To Success In American Life She Must First Do Two Things Prepare Herself For A Profession, And Marry A Man Who Wants Her To Succeed As Much As She Does.
~ Cathleen Douglas
No Foreign Policy-no Matter How Ingenious-has Any Chance Of Success If It Is Born In The Minds Of A Few And Carried In The Hearts Of None.
~ Henry Kissinge