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Success Quotes

from thousands of famous people

My Mother Drew A Distinction Between Achievement And Success. She Said That Achievement Is The Knowledge That You Have Studied And Worked Hard And Done The Best That Is In You. Success Is Being Praised By Others. That Is Nice But Not As Important Or Satisfying. Always Aim For Achievement And Forget About Success.
~ Helen Hayes
Champions Know That Success Is Inevitable That There Is No Such Thing As Failure, Only Feedback. They Know That The Best Way To Forecast The Future Is To Create It.
~ Michael J. Gel
Many A Man Owes His Success To His First Wife And His Second Wife To His Success.
~ James Gilmore Backus
The Penalty Of Success Is To Be Bored By The Attentions Of People Who Formerly Snubbed You.
~ Mary Wilson Little
The Secret Of Success Is To Do Common Things Uncommonly Well.
~ John Davidson Rockefeller, Sr
Let Every Nation Know, Whether It Wishes Us Well Or Ill, We Shall Pay Any Price, Bear Any Burden, Meet Any Hardship, Support Any Friend, Oppose Any Foe, To Assure The Survival And Success Of Liberty.
~ John F. Kennedy
Seventy Percent Of Success In Life Is Showing Up.
~ Woody Allen
Apparent Failure May Hold In Its Rough Shell The Germs Of A Success That Will Blowwom In Time, And Bear Fruit Throughout Eternity.
~ Frances Watkins Harpe
He Has Achieved Success Who Has Lived Well, Laughed Often, And Loved Much.
~ Bessie A. Stanley
In Order That People May Be Happy In Their Work, These Three Things Are Needed: They Must Be Fit For It. They Must Not Do Too Much Of It. And They Must Have A Sense Of Success In It.
~ John Ruskin, Pre- Raphaelitism, 1850
Everyone Who Achieves Success In A Great Venture, Solved Each Problem As They Came To It. They Helped Themselves. And They Were Helped Through Powers Known And Unknown To Them At The Time They Set Out On Their Voyage. They Kept Going Regardless Of The Obstacles They Met.
~ Clement Stone
Each New Day Is A Blank Page In The Diary Of Your Life. The Secret Of Success Is In Turning That Diary Into The Best Story You Possibly Can.
~ Douglas Pagels, A Wonderful Resolution For The New Year!