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Success Quotes

from thousands of famous people

I Learned This, At Least, By My Experiment; That If One Advances Confidently In The Direction Of His Dreams, And Endeavours To Live The Life Which He Has Imagined, He Will Meet With A Success Unexpected In Common Hours.
~ Henry David Thoreau
The Man Of Virtue Makes The Difficulty To Be Overcome His First Business, And Success Only A Subsequent Consideration.
~ Confucius, The Confucian Analects
Our Purpose In Vietnam Is To Prevent The Success Of Aggression. It Is Not Conquest, It Is Not Empire, It Is Not Foreign Bases, It Is Not Domination. It Is, Simply Put, Just To Prevent The Forceful Conquest Of South Vietnam By North Vietnam.
~ Lyndon B. Johnson
Success And Failure Are Both Difficult To Endure. Along With Success Come Drugs, Divorce, Fornication, Bullying, Travel, Meditation, Medication, Depression, Neurosis And Suicide. With Failure Comes Failure.
~ Joseph Helle
Not Many People Are Willing To Give Failure A Second Opportunity. They Fail Once And It Is All Over. The Bitter Pill Of Failure Is Often More Than Most People Can Handle. If You Are Willing To Accept Failure And Learn From It, If You Are Willing To Consider Failure As A Blessing In Disguise And Bounce Back, You Have Got The Essential Of Harnessing One Of The Most Powerful Success Forces.
~ Joseph Sugarman
I Do Not Think There Is Any Other Quality So Essential To Success Of Any Kind As The Quality Of Perseverance. It Overcomes Almost Everything, Even Nature.
~ John Davidson Rockefeller, Sr
The Measure Of A Master Is His Success In Bringing All Men Around To His Opinion Twenty Years Later.
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
If You Wish Success In Life, Make Perseverance Your Bosom Friend, Experience Your Wise Counselor, Caution Your Elder Brother And Hope Your Guardian Genius.
~ Joseph Addison
In Hollywood A Marriage Is A Success If It Outlasts Milk.
~ Rita Rudne
Let Every Nation Know, Whether It Wishes Us Well Or Ill, That We Shall Pay Any Price, Bear Any Burden, Meet Any Hardship, Support Any Friend, Oppose Any Foe, To Assure The Survival And Success Of Liberty.
~ John F. Kennedy
If Your Success Is Not On Your Own Terms, If It Looks Good To The World But Does Not Feel Good In Your Heart, It Is Not Success At All.
~ Anna Quindlen
What Is Success I Think It Is A Mixture Of Having A Flair For The Thing That You Are Doing Knowing That It Is Not Enough, That You Have Got To Have Hard Work And A Certain Sense Of Purpose.
~ Margaret Hilda Thatche