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Success Quotes

from thousands of famous people

The Secret Of Success Is To Do Common Things Uncommonly Well.
~ John Davidson Rockefeller, Sr
True Success Is Overcoming The Fear Of Being Unsuccessful.
~ Paul Sweeney
Formula For Success Underpromise And Overdeliver.
~ Thomas Peters
Failure Is Not The Only Punishment For Laziness There Is Also The Success Of Others.
~ Jules Renard
Six Essential Qualities That Are The Key To Success Sincerity, Personal Integrity, Humility, Courtesy, Wisdom, Charity.
~ Dr. William Claire Menninge
The Essence Of Success Is That It Is Never Necessary To Think Of A New Idea Oneself. It Is Far Better To Wait Until Somebody Else Does It, And Then To Copy Him In Every Detail, Except His Mistakes.
~ Aubrey Menen
For Any Woman To Success In American Life She Must First Do Two Things Prepare Herself For A Profession, And Marry A Man Who Wants Her To Succeed As Much As She Does.
~ Cathleen Douglas
Forward, As Occasion Offers. Never Look Round To See Whether Any Shall Note It.... Be Satisfied With Success In Even The Smallest Matter, And Think That Even Such A Result Is No Trifle.
~ Marcus Aurelius Antoninus
In Order That People May Be Happy In Their Work, These Three Things Are Needed: They Must Be Fit For It. They Must Not Do Too Much Of It. And They Must Have A Sense Of Success In It.
~ John Ruskin, Pre- Raphaelitism, 1850
The Prospect Of Success In Achieving Our Most Cherished Dream Is Not Without Its Terrors. Who Is More Deprived And Alone Than The Man Who Has Achieved His Dream?
~ Brendan Francis
If You Want To Increase Your Success Rate, Double Your Failure Rate.
~ Thomas John Watson, Sr
In History As In Life It Is Success That Counts. Start A Political Upheaval And Let Yourself Be Caught, And You Will Hang As A Traitor. But Place Yourself At The Head Of A Rebellion And Gain Your Point, And All Future Generations Will Worship You As The Father Of Their Country.
~ Hendrik W. Van Loon