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Sweet Quotes

from thousands of famous people

Every Sweet Has Its Sour; Every Evil Its Good.
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
Canst Thou Bind The Sweet Influences Of Pleiades, Or Loose The Bands Of Orion.
~ Job 3831 Bible
Is Life So Dear Or Peace So Sweet As To Be Purchased At The Price Of Chains And Slavery Forbid It, Almighty God I Know Not What Course Others May Take, But As For Me, Give Me Liberty, Or Give Me Death.
~ Patrick Henry
Good Night, Good Night! Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow, That I Shall Say Good Night Till It Be Morrow.
~ William Shakespeare, "Romeo and Juliet", Act 2 scene 2
Partying Is Such Sweet Sorrow.
~ Robert Byrne
Idleness, Like Kisses, To Be Sweet Must Be Stolen.
~ Jerome K. Jerome
Most Modern Calendars Mar The Sweet Simplicity Of Our Lives By Reminding Us That Each Day That Passes Is The Anniversary Of Some Perfectly Uninteresting Event.
~ Oscar Wilde
Say What You Will About The Sweet Miracle Of Unquestioning Faith, I Consider A Capacity For It Terrifying And Absolutely Vile!
~ Kurt Vonnegut Jr
Romantic Love Is An Illusion. Most Of Us Discover This Truth At The End Of A Love Affair Or Else When The Sweet Emotions Of Love Lead Us Into Marriage And Then Turn Down Their Flames.
~ Sir Thomas More
On Marriage Look For A Sweet Person. Forget Rich.
~ Estee Laude
Go, Lovely Rose! Tell Her That Wastes Her Time And Me That Now She Knows, When I Resemble Her To Thee, How Sweet And Fair She Seems To Be.
~ Edmund Waller, Go, Lovely Rose: stanza 1
Sow Good Services Sweet Remembrances Will Grow Them.
~ Madame de Stael