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Sweet Quotes

from thousands of famous people

Things That Were Hard To Bear Are Sweet To Remember.
~ Lucius Annaeus Seneca
Music, When Soft Voices Die, Vibrates In The Memory; Odors, When Sweet Violets Sicken, Live Within The Sense They Quicken.
~ Percy Bysshe Shelley
Good Night, Good Night Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow, That I Shall Say Good Night Till It Be Morrow.
~ William Shakespeare
Idleness, Like Kisses, To Be Sweet Must Be Stolen.
~ Jerome K. Jerome
How Sweet It Would Be To Treat Men And Things, For An Hour, For Just What They Are!
~ Henry David Thoreau, Simplify Simplify
On Marriage Look For A Sweet Person. Forget Rich.
~ Estee Laude
With True Friends... Even Water Drunk Together Is Sweet Enough.
~ Chinese Prove
Nature, Whose Sweet Rains Fall Of Just And Unjust Alike, Will Have Clefts In The Rocks Where I May Hide, And Secret Valleys In Whose Silence I May Weep Undetected. She Will Hang The Night With Stars So That I May Walk Abroad In The Darkness Without Stumbling, And Send The Wind Over My Footprints So That None May Track Me To My Hurt: She Will Cleanse Me In Great Waters, And With Bitter Herbs Make Me Whole.
~ Oscar Wilde, "De Profundis"
Is Life So Dear Or Peace So Sweet As To Be Purchased At The Price Of Chains And Slavery Forbid It, Almighty God I Know Not What Course Others May Take, But As For Me, Give Me Liberty, Or Give Me Death.
~ Patrick Henry
Canst Thou Bind The Sweet Influences Of Pleiades, Or Loose The Bands Of Orion.
~ Job 3831 Bible
Mighty Are The Winds Of Time, Which Sweep Away The Despair Of A Broken Heart, Which Blow Back The Essence Of Life, Which Refresh The Soul With Yet Another Sweet Countenance.
~ Dax Ward
Were This World An Endless Pain, And By Sailing Eastward We Could Forever Reach New Distances, And Discover Sights More Sweet And Strange Than Any Cyclades Or Islands Of King Solomon, Then There Were Promise In The Voyage.
~ Herman Melville, Moby Dick