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Anxiety Is A Thin Stream Of Fear Trickling Through The Mind. If Encouraged, It Cuts A Channel Into Which All Other Thoughts Are Drained.
~ Robert Albert Bloch
I Am Absolutely Convinced That No Wealth In The World Can Help Humanity Forward, Even In The Hands Of The Most Devoted Worker. The Example Of Great And Pure Individuals Is The Only Thing That Can Lead Us To Noble Thoughts And Deeds. Money Only Appeals To Selfishness And Irresistibly Invites Abuse. Can Anyone Imagine Moses, Jesus Or Ghandi Armed With The Money-bags Of Carnegie.
~ Albert Einstein
Dream Is Not A Revelation. If A Dream Affords The Dreamer Some Light On Himself, It Is Not The Person With Closed Eyes Who Makes The Discovery But The Person With Open Eyes Lucid Enough To Fit Thoughts Together. Dream- A Scintillating Mirage Surrounded By Shadows- Is Essentially Poetry.
~ Jesse Louis Jackson
I Believe The Choice To Be Excellent Begins With Aligning Your Thoughts And Words With The Intention To Require More From Yourself.
~ Oprah Winfrey, O Magazine, December 2003
Learn The Art Of Patience. Apply Discipline To Your Thoughts When They Become Anxious Over The Outcome Of A Goal. Impatience Breeds Anxiety, Fear, Discouragement And Failure. Patience Creates Confidence, Decisiveness, And A Rational Outlook, Which Eventually Leads To Success.
~ Brian Adams
It Is Only A Poor Sort Of Happiness That Could Ever Come By Caring Very Much About Our Own Pleasures. We Can Only Have The Highest Happiness Such As Goes Along With Being A Great Man, By Having Wide Thoughts And Much Feeling For The Rest Of The World As Well As Ourselves.
~ George Eliot
And Yet, As Angels In Some Brighter Dreams Call To The Soul When Man Doth Sleep, So Some Strange Thoughts Transcend Our Wonted Themes, And Into Glory Peep.
~ Henry Vaughn
The Quality Of Our Thoughts Is Bordered On All Sides By Our Facility With Language.
~ J. Michael Straczynski
I Still Find Each Day Too Short For All The Thoughts I Want To Think, All The Walks I Want To Take, All The Books I Want To Read, And All The Friends I Want To See.
~ John Burrough
Who Dares Not Speak His Free Thoughts Is A Slave.
~ Euripides
There Are A Thousand Thoughts Lying Within A Man That He Does Not Know Till He Takes Up A Pen To Write.
~ William Makepeace Thackeray
As I Sit I See A Dove And Think Of Our Deep, Dear True Love Think Not About Our Future Lives Except Perhaps Our Growing Size Keep All Your Thoughts Alive, Aglow, All Will Be Well, No Fear, I Know
~ Unknown