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The Range Of What We Think And Do Is Limited By What We Fail To Notice. And Because We Fail To Notice That We Fail To Notice, There Is Little We Can Do To Change; Until We Notice How Failing To Notice Shapes Our Thoughts And Deeds.
~ R. D. Laing
Secret Thoughts And Open Countenance Will Go Safely Over The Whole World.
~ Scipione Alberti
Our Thoughts Are Free.
~ Cicero
To The Nahuas, Words Were Flowers, Metaphors That Gave Birth To Thoughts And Actions.
~ Jose Antonio Burciaga
One Essential To Success Is That Your Desire Be An All-obsessing One, Your Thoughts And Aims Be Co-ordinated, And Your Energy Be Concentrated And Applied Without Letup.
~ Claude M. Bristol
The Problem Is Never How To Get New, Innovative Thoughts Into Your Mind, But How To Get Old Ones Out. Every Mind Is A Building Filled With Archaic Furniture. Clean Out A Corner Of Your Mind And Creativity Will Instantly Fill It.
~ Dee Hock
Anger Will Never Disappear So Long As Thoughts Of Resentment Are Cherished In The Mind. Anger Will Disappear Just As Soon As Thoughts Of Resentment Are Forgotten.
~ Buddha
Great Men Are They Who See That The Spiritual Is Stronger Than Any Material Force, That Thoughts Rule The World.
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
For None Of Us Can Ever Express The Exact Measure Of His Needs Or His Thoughts Or His Sorrows; And Human Speech Is Like A Cracked Kettle On Which We Tap Crude Rhythms For Bears To Dance To, While We Long To Make Music That Will Melt The Stars.
~ Gustave Flaubert, Charles Bovary
Lulled In The Countless Chambers Of The Brain, Our Thoughts Are Linked By Many A Hidden Chain; Awake But One, And In, What Myriads Rise!
~ Alexander Pope
It Is Characteristic Of The Military Mentality That Nonhuman Factors Atom Bombs, Strategic Bases, Weapons Of All Sorts, The Possession Of Raw Materials, Etc Are Held Essential, While The Human Being, His Desires, And Thoughts - In Short, The Psychological Factors - Are Considered As Unimportant And Secondary... The Individual Is Degraded... To Human Materiel.
~ Albert Einstein
How Does The Poet Transform His Banal Thoughts Are Not Most Thoughts Banal? Into Such Stunning Forms, Into Beauty?
~ Joyce Carol Oates