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Spiritual Force Is Stronger Than Material Force Thoughts Rule The World.
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
To Know Someone Here Or There With Whom You Can Feel There Is Understanding In Spite Of Distances Or Thoughts Expressed.
~ Johann von Goethe
It Seems To Me That If You Or I Must Choose Between Two Courses Of Thoughts Or Action We Should Remember Our Dying And Try So To Live, That Our Death Brings No Pleasure On The World.
~ John Steinbeck
Not A Hundredth Part Of The Thoughts In My Head Have Ever Been Or Ever Will Be Spoken Or Written -- As Long As I Keep My Senses, At Least.
~ Jane Welsh Carlyle
When Thoughts Fails Of Words, They Find Imagination Waiting At Their Elbow To Teach A New Language Without Words.
~ Author Unknown
Your Beliefs Become Your Thoughts. Your Thoughts Become Your Words. Your Words Become Your Actions. Your Actions Become Your Habits. Your Habits Become Your Values. Your Values Become Your Destiny.
~ Mahatma Gandhi
Nothing Feebler Than A Man Does The Earth Raise Up, Of All The Things Which Breathe And Move On The Earth, For He Believes That He Will Never Suffer Evil In The Future, As Long As The Gods Give Him Success And He Flourishes In His Strength But When The Blessed Gods Bring Sorrows Too To Pass, Even These He Bears, Against His Will, With Steadfast Spirit, For The Thoughts Of Earthly Men Are Like The Day Which The Father Of Gods And Men Brings Upon Them.
~ Home
Work Joyfully And Peacefully, Knowing That Right Thoughts And Right Efforts Inevitably Bring About Right Results.
~ James Allen
The Thinker Dies, But His Thoughts Are Beyond The Reach Of Destruction. Men Are Mortal But Ideas Are Immortal.
~ Richard Adams
Wake Up With One Mind, My Friends, And Kindle The Fire, You Many Who Share The Same Nest. Make Your Thoughts Harmonious Stretch Them On The Loom Make A Ship Whose Oars Will Carry Us Across.
~ Rig Veda
The Happiness Of Your Life Depends Upon The Quality Of Your Thoughts Therefore, Guard Accordingly, And Take Care That You Entertain No Notions Unsuitable To Virtue And Reasonable Nature.
~ Marcus Aelius Aurelius
You Are Today Where Your Thoughts Have Brought You; You Will Be Tomorrow Where Your Thoughts Take You.
~ James Lane Allen