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Our Thoughts Are Free.
~ Cicero
I Have Enjoyed Greatly The Second Blooming That Comes When You Finish The Life Of The Emotions And Of Personal Relations; And Suddenly Find - At The Age Of Fifty, Say - That A Whole New Life Has Opened Before You, Filled With Things You Can Think About, Study, Or Read About... It Is As If A Fresh Sap Of Ideas And Thoughts Was Rising In You.
~ Agatha Christie, An Autobiography, 1977
Good Thoughts Bear Good Fruit, Bad Thoughts Bear Bad Fruit.
~ James Allen
My Words Fly Up, My Thoughts Remain Below: Words Without Thoughts Never To Heaven Go.
~ William Shakespeare, "Hamlet", Act 3 scene 3
Do Not... Hope Wholly To Reason Away Your Troubles Do Not Feed Them With Attention, And They Will Die Imperceptibly Away. Fix Your Thoughts Upon Your Business, Fill Your Intervals With Company, And Sunshine Will Again Break In Upon Your Mind.
~ Samuel Johnson
Friendship Is The Inexpressible Comfort Of Feeling Safe With A Person, Having Neither To Weigh Thoughts Nor Measure Words.
~ George Eliot
Lulled In The Countless Chambers Of The Brain, Our Thoughts Are Linked By Many A Hidden Chain; Awake But One, And In, What Myriads Rise!
~ Alexander Pope
Let A Man Strive To Purify His Thoughts. What A Man Thinketh, That Is He This Is The Eternal Mystery. Dwelling Within Himself With Thoughts Serene, He Will Obtain Imperishable Happiness.
~ Maitri Upanishads
Our Subconscious Minds Have No Sense Of Humor, Play No Jokes And Cannot Tell The Difference Between Reality And An Imagined Thought Or Image. What We Continually Think About Eventually Will Manifest In Our Lives. Unfortunately Most Of Us Are Completely Unaware Of This Fact And We Do Not Monitor Our Thoughts With The Care Needed So That We Can Create In Our Lives The Results We Say We Want. Since The Great Majority Of People Do Not Feel Worthy And Deserving Of Abundant Good Fortune, Radiant Good Health And Total Success In All Areas Of Their Lives That Overriding Thought Pattern Controls The Results People Get. The First Order Of Business Of Anyone Who Wants To Enjoy Success In All Areas Of His Her Life Is To Take Charge Of The Internal Dialogue They Have And Only Think, Say And Behavior In A Manner Consistent With The Results They Truly Desire.
~ Sidney Madwed
The Range Of What We Think And Do Is Limited By What We Fail To Notice. And Because We Fail To Notice That We Fail To Notice, There Is Little We Can Do To Change; Until We Notice How Failing To Notice Shapes Our Thoughts And Deeds.
~ R. D. Laing
Your Beliefs Become Your Thoughts. Your Thoughts Become Your Words. Your Words Become Your Actions. Your Actions Become Your Habits. Your Habits Become Your Values. Your Values Become Your Destiny.
~ Mahatma Gandhi
Anxiety Is A Thin Stream Of Fear Trickling Through The Mind. If Encouraged, It Cuts A Channel Into Which All Other Thoughts Are Drained.
~ Robert Albert Bloch