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Thoughts Give Birth To A Creative Force That Is Neither Elemental Nor Sidereal. Thoughts Create A New Heaven, A New Firmament, A New Source Of Energy, From Which New Arts Flow. When A Man Undertakes To Create Something, He Establishes A New Heaven, As It Were And From It The Work That He Desires To Create Flows Into Him. For Such Is The Immensity Of Man That He Is Greater Than Heaven And Earth.
~ Philipus Aureolus Paracelsus
As You Cannot Have A Sweet And Wholesome Abode Unless You Admit The Air And Sunshine Freely Into Your Rooms, So A Strong Body And A Bright, Happy, Or Serene Countenance Can Only Result From The Free Admittance Into The Mind Of Thoughts Of Joy And Goodwill And Serenity.
~ James Allen, "As A Man Thinketh"
And Yet, As Angels In Some Brighter Dreams Call To The Soul When Man Doth Sleep, So Some Strange Thoughts Transcend Our Wonted Themes, And Into Glory Peep.
~ Henry Vaughn
We Know Not Of The Future, And Cannot Plan For It Much. But We Can Hold Our Spirits And Our Bodies So Pure And High, We May Cherish Such Thoughts And Ideals, And Dream Such Dreams Of Lofty Purpose, That We Can Determine And Know What Manner Of Men We Will Be Whenever And Wherever The Hour Stricks That Calls To Noble Action..., No Man Becomes Suddenly Different From His Habit And Cherished Thought.
~ Joshua L. Chamberlain, General Commander 20th Maine, Union Forces,
My Words Fly Up, My Thoughts Remain Below: Words Without Thoughts Never To Heaven Go.
~ William Shakespeare, "Hamlet", Act 3 scene 3
If Either Man Or Woman Would Realize That The Full Power Of Personal Beauty, It Must Be By Cherishing Noble Thoughts And Hopes And Purposes; By Having Something To Do And Something To Live For That Is Worthy Of Humanity, And Which, By Expanding And Symmetry To The Body Which Contains It.
~ Upham
Great Men Are They Who See That The Spiritual Is Stronger Than Any Material Force, That Thoughts Rule The World.
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
Watch Your Thoughts They Become Words. Watch Your Words They Become Actions. Watch Your Actions They Become Habits. Watch Your Habits They Become Character. Watch Your Character It Becomes Your Destiny.
~ Patrick Overton
All Our Thoughts And Concepts Are Called Up By Sense-experiences And Have A Meaning Only In Reference To These Sense-experiences. On The Other Hand, However, They Are Products Of The Spontaneous Activity Of Our Minds They Are Thus In No Wise Logical Consequences Of The Contents Of These Sense-experiences. If, Therefore, We Wish To Grasp The Essence Of A Complex Of Abstract Notions We Must For The One Part Investigate The Mutual Relationships Between The Concepts And The Assertions Made About Them For The Other, We Must Investigate How They Are Related To The Experiences.
~ Albert Einstein
The Universe Is Change; Our Life Is What Our Thoughts Make It.
~ Marcus Aurelius Antoninus, Meditations
We All Have Thoughts That Would Shame The Devil.
~ Mark Twain
I Want To Know How God Created This World. I Am Not Interested In This Or That Phenomenon, In The Spectrum Of This Or That Element. I Want To Know His Thoughts The Rest Are Details.
~ Albert Einstein