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Our Subconscious Minds Have No Sense Of Humor, Play No Jokes And Cannot Tell The Difference Between Reality And An Imagined Thought Or Image. What We Continually Think About Eventually Will Manifest In Our Lives. Unfortunately Most Of Us Are Completely Unaware Of This Fact And We Do Not Monitor Our Thoughts With The Care Needed So That We Can Create In Our Lives The Results We Say We Want. Since The Great Majority Of People Do Not Feel Worthy And Deserving Of Abundant Good Fortune, Radiant Good Health And Total Success In All Areas Of Their Lives That Overriding Thought Pattern Controls The Results People Get. The First Order Of Business Of Anyone Who Wants To Enjoy Success In All Areas Of His Her Life Is To Take Charge Of The Internal Dialogue They Have And Only Think, Say And Behavior In A Manner Consistent With The Results They Truly Desire.
~ Sidney Madwed
As Surgeons Keep Their Instruments And Knives Always At Hand For Cases Requiring Immediate Treatment, So Shouldst Thou Have Thy Thoughts Ready To Understand Things Divine And Human, Remembering In Thy Every Act, Even The Smallest, How Close Is The Bond That Unites The Two.
~ Marcus Aurelius Antoninus
Lulled In The Countless Chambers Of The Brain, Our Thoughts Are Linked By Many A Hidden Chain; Awake But One, And In, What Myriads Rise!
~ Alexander Pope
Not A Hundredth Part Of The Thoughts In My Head Have Ever Been Or Ever Will Be Spoken Or Written -- As Long As I Keep My Senses, At Least.
~ Jane Welsh Carlyle
Speak To Me As To Thy Thinkings, As Thou Dost Ruminate, And Give Thy Worst Of Thoughts The Worst Of Words.
~ William Shakespeare, "Othello", Act 3 scene 3
You Are Today Where Your Thoughts Have Brought You; You Will Be Tomorrow Where Your Thoughts Take You. You Cannot Escape The Results Of Your Thoughts.
~ Author Unknown
I Still Find Each Day Too Short For All The Thoughts I Want To Think, All The Walks I Want To Take, All The Books I Want To Read, And All The Friends I Want To See.
~ John Burrough
A Human Being Is Part Of A Whole, Called By Us The Universe, A Part Limited In Time And Space. He Experiences Himself, His Thoughts And Feelings, As Something Separated From The Rest--a Kind Of Optical Delusion Of His Consciousness. This Delusion Is A Kind Of Prison For Us, Restricting Us To Our Personal Desires And To Affection For A Few Persons Nearest Us. Our Task Must Be To Free Ourselves From This Prison By Widening Our Circles Of Compassion To Embrace All Living Creatures And The Whole Of Nature In Its Beauty.
~ Albert Einstein
The Happiness Of Your Life Depends Upon The Quality Of Your Thoughts Therefore, Guard Accordingly, And Take Care That You Entertain No Notions Unsuitable To Virtue And Reasonable Nature.
~ Marcus Aelius Aurelius
Work Joyfully And Peacefully, Knowing That Right Thoughts And Right Efforts Inevitably Bring About Right Results.
~ James Allen
There Are A Thousand Thoughts Lying Within A Man That He Does Not Know Till He Takes Up A Pen To Write.
~ William Makepeace Thackeray
Friendship Is The Inexpressible Comfort Of Feeling Safe With A Person, Having Neither To Weigh Thoughts Nor Measure Words.
~ George Eliot