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For None Of Us Can Ever Express The Exact Measure Of His Needs Or His Thoughts Or His Sorrows; And Human Speech Is Like A Cracked Kettle On Which We Tap Crude Rhythms For Bears To Dance To, While We Long To Make Music That Will Melt The Stars.
~ Gustave Flaubert, Charles Bovary
Certain Thoughts Are Prayers. There Are Moments When Whatever Be The Attitude Of The Body, The Soul Is On Its Knees.
~ Victor Hugo
Nurture Your Mind With Great Thoughts For You Will Never Go Any Higher Than What You Think.
~ Benjamin Disraeli
The Thinker Dies, But His Thoughts Are Beyond The Reach Of Destruction. Men Are Mortal But Ideas Are Immortal.
~ Richard Adams
To Communicate Through Silence Is A Link Between The Thoughts Of Man.
~ Marcel Marceau
Great Men Are They Who See That The Spiritual Is Stronger Than Any Material Force, That Thoughts Rule The World.
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
Wake Up With One Mind, My Friends, And Kindle The Fire, You Many Who Share The Same Nest. Make Your Thoughts Harmonious Stretch Them On The Loom Make A Ship Whose Oars Will Carry Us Across.
~ Rig Veda
Secret Thoughts And Open Countenance Will Go Safely Over The Whole World.
~ Scipione Alberti
The Birthplace Of Success For Each Person Is In His Inner- Consciousness. The Inner- Consciousness Will Use Whatever It Is Given. If Constructive Thoughts Are Planted Positive Outcomes Will Be The Result. Plant The Seeds Of Failure And Failure Will Follow. And Since The Only Real Freedom A Person Has Is The Choice Of What Thoughts He Will Feed To His Inner- Consciousness He Is Totally Responsible For The Outcomes He Gets.
~ Sidney Madwed
Fear Keeps Pace With Hope. Nor Does Their So Moving Together Surprise Me; Both Belong To A Mind In Suspense, To A Mind In A State Of Anxiety Through Looking Into The Future. Both Are Mainly Due To Projecting Our Thoughts Far Ahead Of Us Instead Of Adapting Ourselves To The Present. Thus It Is That Foresight, The Greatest Blessing Humanity Has Been Given, Is Transformed Into A Curse.
~ Seneca, Letters to Lucilius V
Mathematics Is A Vast Adventure In Ideas; Its History Reflects Some Of The Noblest Thoughts Of Countless Generations.
~ Dirk Struik, A Concise History of Mathematics, vol. I
Do Not... Hope Wholly To Reason Away Your Troubles Do Not Feed Them With Attention, And They Will Die Imperceptibly Away. Fix Your Thoughts Upon Your Business, Fill Your Intervals With Company, And Sunshine Will Again Break In Upon Your Mind.
~ Samuel Johnson