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To Me The Meanest Flower That Blows Can Give Thoughts That Do Often Lie Too Deep For Tears.
~ William Wordsworth, "Ode: Intimations of Immortality from Recollections of Early Childhood", 1803
You Are Today Where Your Thoughts Have Brought You; You Will Be Tomorrow Where Your Thoughts Take You.
~ James Lane Allen
Mathematics Is A Vast Adventure In Ideas; Its History Reflects Some Of The Noblest Thoughts Of Countless Generations.
~ Dirk Struik, A Concise History of Mathematics, vol. I
It Is Characteristic Of The Military Mentality That Nonhuman Factors Atom Bombs, Strategic Bases, Weapons Of All Sorts, The Possession Of Raw Materials, Etc Are Held Essential, While The Human Being, His Desires, And Thoughts - In Short, The Psychological Factors - Are Considered As Unimportant And Secondary... The Individual Is Degraded... To Human Materiel.
~ Albert Einstein
The Universe Is Change; Our Life Is What Our Thoughts Make It.
~ Marcus Aurelius Antoninus, Meditations
Anger Will Never Disappear So Long As Thoughts Of Resentment Are Cherished In The Mind. Anger Will Disappear Just As Soon As Thoughts Of Resentment Are Forgotten.
~ Buddha
There Is Nothing Better For The Spirit Or The Body Than A Love Affair. It Elevates The Thoughts And Flattens The Stomachs.
~ Barbara Howa
As You Cannot Have A Sweet And Wholesome Abode Unless You Admit The Air And Sunshine Freely Into Your Rooms, So A Strong Body And A Bright, Happy, Or Serene Countenance Can Only Result From The Free Admittance Into The Mind Of Thoughts Of Joy And Goodwill And Serenity.
~ James Allen, "As A Man Thinketh"
Silence Will Not Betray Your Thoughts But The Expression On Your Face Will. Humor Has A Hundred Faces Tragedy Only A Few.
~ H. G. Mendelson
It Is No Longer My Moral Duty As A Human Being To Achieve An Integrated And Unitary Set Of Explanations For My Thoughts And Feelings.
~ Bronwyn Davies
How Does The Poet Transform His Banal Thoughts Are Not Most Thoughts Banal? Into Such Stunning Forms, Into Beauty?
~ Joyce Carol Oates
My Words Fly Up, My Thoughts Remain Below: Words Without Thoughts Never To Heaven Go.
~ William Shakespeare, "Hamlet", Act 3 scene 3