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I Still Find Each Day Too Short For All The Thoughts I Want To Think, All The Walks I Want To Take, All The Books I Want To Read, And All The Friends I Want To See.
~ John Burrough
All Truly Great Thoughts Are Conceived By Walking.
~ Friedrich Nietzsche
And Yet, As Angels In Some Brighter Dreams Call To The Soul When Man Doth Sleep, So Some Strange Thoughts Transcend Our Wonted Themes, And Into Glory Peep.
~ Henry Vaughn
As Surgeons Keep Their Instruments And Knives Always At Hand For Cases Requiring Immediate Treatment, So Shouldst Thou Have Thy Thoughts Ready To Understand Things Divine And Human, Remembering In Thy Every Act, Even The Smallest, How Close Is The Bond That Unites The Two.
~ Marcus Aurelius Antoninus
The Range Of What We Think And Do Is Limited By What We Fail To Notice. And Because We Fail To Notice That We Fail To Notice, There Is Little We Can Do To Change; Until We Notice How Failing To Notice Shapes Our Thoughts And Deeds.
~ R. D. Laing
For None Of Us Can Ever Express The Exact Measure Of His Needs Or His Thoughts Or His Sorrows; And Human Speech Is Like A Cracked Kettle On Which We Tap Crude Rhythms For Bears To Dance To, While We Long To Make Music That Will Melt The Stars.
~ Gustave Flaubert, Charles Bovary
I Am Absolutely Convinced That No Wealth In The World Can Help Humanity Forward, Even In The Hands Of The Most Devoted Worker. The Example Of Great And Pure Individuals Is The Only Thing That Can Lead Us To Noble Thoughts And Deeds. Money Only Appeals To Selfishness And Irresistibly Invites Abuse. Can Anyone Imagine Moses, Jesus Or Ghandi Armed With The Money-bags Of Carnegie.
~ Albert Einstein
Not A Hundredth Part Of The Thoughts In My Head Have Ever Been Or Ever Will Be Spoken Or Written -- As Long As I Keep My Senses, At Least.
~ Jane Welsh Carlyle
Garner Up Pleasant Thoughts In Your Mind, For Pleasant Thoughts Make Pleasant Lives.
~ John Wilkins
All Truly Wise Thoughts Have Been Thought Already Thousands Of Times But To Make Them Truly Ours, We Must Think Them Over Again Honestly, Till They Take Root In Our Personal Experience.
~ Johann von Goethe
Speak To Me As To Thy Thinkings, As Thou Dost Ruminate, And Give Thy Worst Of Thoughts The Worst Of Words.
~ William Shakespeare
Nurture Your Mind With Great Thoughts For You Will Never Go Any Higher Than What You Think.
~ Benjamin Disraeli