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Let A Man Strive To Purify His Thoughts. What A Man Thinketh, That Is He This Is The Eternal Mystery. Dwelling Within Himself With Thoughts Serene, He Will Obtain Imperishable Happiness.
~ Maitri Upanishads
What Though The Radiance Which Was Once So Bright Be Not Forever Taken From My Sight, Though Nothing Can Bring Back The Hour Of Splendour In The Grass, Of Glory In The Flower Strength In What Remains Behind, In The Primal Sympathy Which Having Been Must Ever Be, In The Soothing Thoughts That Spring Out Of Human Suffering, In The Faith That Looks Through Death In Years That Bring Philophic Mind.
~ William Wordsworth
I Am Absolutely Convinced That No Wealth In The World Can Help Humanity Forward, Even In The Hands Of The Most Devoted Worker. The Example Of Great And Pure Individuals Is The Only Thing That Can Lead Us To Noble Thoughts And Deeds. Money Only Appeals To Selfishness And Irresistibly Invites Abuse. Can Anyone Imagine Moses, Jesus Or Ghandi Armed With The Money-bags Of Carnegie.
~ Albert Einstein
Always Aim At Complete Harmony Of Thought And Word And Deed. Always Aim At Purifying Your Thoughts And Everything Will Be Well.
~ Mahatma Gandhi
For None Of Us Can Ever Express The Exact Measure Of His Needs Or His Thoughts Or His Sorrows; And Human Speech Is Like A Cracked Kettle On Which We Tap Crude Rhythms For Bears To Dance To, While We Long To Make Music That Will Melt The Stars.
~ Gustave Flaubert, Charles Bovary
All Truly Wise Thoughts Have Been Thoughts Already Thousands Of Times; But To Make Them Truly Ours, We Must Think Them Over Again Honestly, Till They Take Root In Our Personal Experience.
~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
I Have Enjoyed Greatly The Second Blooming That Comes When You Finish The Life Of The Emotions And Of Personal Relations And Suddenly Find - At The Age Of Fifty, Say - That A Whole New Life Has Opened Before You, Filled With Things You Can Think About, Study, Or Read About... It Is As If A Fresh Sap Of Ideas And Thoughts Was Rising In You.
~ Agatha Christie
The Ideal Life Is In Our Blood And Never Will Be Still. Sad Will Be The Day For Any Man When He Becomes Contented With The Thoughts He Is Thinking And The Deeds He Is Doing -- Where There Is Not Forever Beating At The Doors Of His Soul Some Great Desire To Do Something Larger, Which He Knows That He Was Meant And Made To Do.
~ Phillips Brooks
It Seems To Me That If You Or I Must Choose Between Two Courses Of Thoughts Or Action We Should Remember Our Dying And Try So To Live, That Our Death Brings No Pleasure On The World.
~ John Steinbeck
Wake Up With One Mind, My Friends, And Kindle The Fire, You Many Who Share The Same Nest. Make Your Thoughts Harmonious Stretch Them On The Loom Make A Ship Whose Oars Will Carry Us Across.
~ Rig Veda
It Is Only A Poor Sort Of Happiness That Could Ever Come By Caring Very Much About Our Own Pleasures. We Can Only Have The Highest Happiness Such As Goes Along With Being A Great Man, By Having Wide Thoughts And Much Feeling For The Rest Of The World As Well As Ourselves.
~ George Eliot
The Person Who Tries To Live Alone Will Not Succeed As A Human Being. His Heart Withers If It Does Not Answer Another Heart. His Mind Shrinks Away If He Hears Only The Echoes Of His Own Thoughts And Finds No Other Inspiration.
~ Pearl Sydenstricker Buck