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I Still Find Each Day Too Short For All The Thoughts I Want To Think, All The Walks I Want To Take, All The Books I Want To Read, And All The Friends I Want To See.
~ John Burrough
To Communicate Through Silence Is A Link Between The Thoughts Of Man.
~ Marcel Marceau
As I Sit I See A Dove And Think Of Our Deep, Dear True Love Think Not About Our Future Lives Except Perhaps Our Growing Size Keep All Your Thoughts Alive, Aglow, All Will Be Well, No Fear, I Know
~ Unknown
Next To Theology I Give To Music The Highest Place And Honor. And We See How David And All The Saints Have Wrought Their Godly Thoughts Into Verse, Rhyme, And Song.
~ Luthe
Garner Up Pleasant Thoughts In Your Mind, For Pleasant Thoughts Make Pleasant Lives.
~ John Wilkins
The Problem Is Never How To Get New, Innovative Thoughts Into Your Mind, But How To Get Old Ones Out. Every Mind Is A Building Filled With Archaic Furniture. Clean Out A Corner Of Your Mind And Creativity Will Instantly Fill It.
~ Dee Hock
A Human Being Is Part Of A Whole, Called By Us The Universe, A Part Limited In Time And Space. He Experiences Himself, His Thoughts And Feelings, As Something Separated From The Rest--a Kind Of Optical Delusion Of His Consciousness. This Delusion Is A Kind Of Prison For Us, Restricting Us To Our Personal Desires And To Affection For A Few Persons Nearest Us. Our Task Must Be To Free Ourselves From This Prison By Widening Our Circles Of Compassion To Embrace All Living Creatures And The Whole Of Nature In Its Beauty.
~ Albert Einstein
We Not Only Live Among Men, But There Are Airy Hosts, Blessed Spectators, Sympathetic Lookers-on, That See And Know And Appreciate Our Thoughts And Feelings And Acts.
~ Henry Ward Beeche
All Our Thoughts And Concepts Are Called Up By Sense-experiences And Have A Meaning Only In Reference To These Sense-experiences. On The Other Hand, However, They Are Products Of The Spontaneous Activity Of Our Minds They Are Thus In No Wise Logical Consequences Of The Contents Of These Sense-experiences. If, Therefore, We Wish To Grasp The Essence Of A Complex Of Abstract Notions We Must For The One Part Investigate The Mutual Relationships Between The Concepts And The Assertions Made About Them For The Other, We Must Investigate How They Are Related To The Experiences.
~ Albert Einstein
Those Who Cannot Tell What They Desire Or Expect, Still Sigh And Struggle With Indefinite Thoughts And Vast Wishes.
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson
My Thoughts Are My Company; I Can Bring Them Together, Select Them, Detain Them, Dismiss Them.
~ Walter Lando
The Quality Of Our Thoughts Is Bordered On All Sides By Our Facility With Language.
~ J. Michael Straczynski