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Time Quotes

from thousands of famous people

When The Leadership Is Right And The Time Is Right, The People Can Always Be Counted Upon To Follow--to The End At All Costs.
~ Harold J. Seymou
Go, Lovely Rose! Tell Her That Wastes Her Time And Me That Now She Knows, When I Resemble Her To Thee, How Sweet And Fair She Seems To Be.
~ Edmund Waller, Go, Lovely Rose: stanza 1
There Are Two Ways Of Resisting War: The Legal Way And The Revolutionary Way. The Legal Way Involves The Offer Of Alternatinve Service Not As A Privilege For A Few But As A Right For All. The Revolutionary View Involves An Uncompromising Resistance, With A View To Breaking The Power Of Militarism In Time Of Peace Or The Resources Of The State In Time Of War.
~ Albert Einstein
It Is Possible That The Scrupulously Honest Man May Not Grow Rich So Fast As The Unscrupulous And Dishonest One But The Success Will Be Of A Truer Kind, Earned Without Fraud Or Injustice. And Even Though A Man Should For A Time Be Unsuccessful, Still He Must Be Honest Better Lose All And Save Character. For Character Is Itself A Fortune...
~ Samuel Smiles
By The Time Your Life Is Finished, You Will Have Learned Just Enough To Begin It Well.
~ Eleanor Marx
Men Stumble Over The Truth From Time To Time, But Most Pick Themselves Up And Hurry Off As If Nothing Happened.
~ Sir Winston Churchill
It Is Possible To Own Too Much. A Man With One Watch Knows What Time It Is A Man With Two Watches Is Never Quite Sure.
~ Lee Segall
Our Generation Has An Incredible Amount Of Realism, Yet At The Same Time It Loves To Complain And Not Really Change Because If It Does Change Then It Won? T Have Anything To Complain About.
~ Tori Amos
It Takes Less Time To Do Things Right Than To Explain Why You Did It Wrong.
~ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Nothing In Life Is To Be Feared, It Is Only To Be Understood. Now Is The Time To Understand More, So That We May Fear Less.
~ Marie Curie
It Strkes Me As Singularly Inappropriate For A School To Use Its Students For Fund-raising. It Reminded Me Of The First Time I Saw A Gypsy Mother Send Her Baby Out To Beg.
~ William Hamilton
The Time To Repair The Roof Is When The Sun Is Shining.
~ John F. Kennedy