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There Are Two Ways Of Resisting War: The Legal Way And The Revolutionary Way. The Legal Way Involves The Offer Of Alternatinve Service Not As A Privilege For A Few But As A Right For All. The Revolutionary View Involves An Uncompromising Resistance, With A View To Breaking The Power Of Militarism In Time Of Peace Or The Resources Of The State In Time Of War.
~ Albert Einstein
There Comes A Time When Summer Asks What You Have Been Doing All Winter.
~ Unknown
If There Are No Stupid Questions, Then What Kind Of Questions Do Stupid People Ask Do They Get Smart Just In Time To Ask Questions.
~ Scott Adams
Celebrity Was A Long Time In Coming It Will Go Away. Everything Goes Away.
~ Carol Burnett
Succes Is Quest That Will Take Me A Life Time To For Fill But It Is Worth The Wait.
~ Teddy Carroll
Every Time I Paint A Portrait I Lose A Friend.
~ John Singer Sargent, quoted in Bentley and Esar, Treasury of Humorous Quotations (1951)
If We Had More Time For Discussion, We Should Probably Have Made A Great Many More Mistakes.
~ Leon Trotsky
A Man Who Dares To Waste One Hour Of Time Has Not Discovered The Value Of Life.
~ Charles Robert Darwin
A Learned Man Is An Idler Who Kills Time With Study. Beware Of His False Knowledge: It Is More Dangerous Than Ignorance.
~ George Bernard Shaw, Man and Superman, 1903
Take Time To Deliberate But When The Time For Action Arrives, Stop Thinking And Go In.
~ Andrew Old Hickory Jackson
When I Despair, I Remember That All Through History The Ways Of Truth And Love Have Always Won. There Have Been Tyrants, And Murderers, And For A Time They Can Seem Invincible, But In The End They Always Fall. Think Of It? Always.
~ Mahatma Gandhi
The Universe Seems Wondrous To Me, With Or Without God. It Has Powerful Lines And Uncompromising Ways. Patience And Time Sit Like Sages On The Planets, Strong And Impersonal. There Is A Stark Beauty To All Of This.
~ Real Live Preacher, reallivepreacher. com weblog, September 4, 2003