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Time Quotes

from thousands of famous people

Look For A Long Time At What Pleases You, And For A Longer Time At What Pains You.
~ Sidonie Gabrielle Colette
More Than Any Time In History Mankind Faces A Crossroads. One Path Leads To Utter Hopelessness And Despair, The Other To Total Extinction. Let Us Hope We Have The Wisdom To Choose Correctly.
~ Woody Allen
One May Discover A New Side To His Most Intimate Friend When For The First Time He Hears Him Speak In Public. He Will Be Stranger To Him As He Is More Familiar To The Audience. The Longest Intimacy Could Not Foretell How He Would Behave Then.
~ Henry David Thoreau
No Sun - No Moon! No Morn - No Noon - No Dawn - No Dusk - No Proper Time Of Day. No Warmth, No Cheerfulness, No Healthful Ease, No Comfortable Feel In Any Member - No Shade, No Shine, No Butterflies, No Bees, No Fruits, No Flowers, No Leaves, No Birds, November!
~ Thomas Hood (1799-1845), in the poem called No!
Hardly A Competent Workman Can Be Found Who Does Not Devote A Considerably Amount Of Time To Studying Just How Slowly He Can Work And Convince His Employer That He Is Going At A Good Price.
~ Frederick Winslow Taylo
A Man Is Wise With The Wisdom Of His Time Only, And Ignorant With Its Ignorance. Observe How The Greatest Minds Yield In Some Degree To The Superstitions Of Their Age.
~ Henry David Thoreau
Now Is The Time For All Good Men To Come To.
~ Walt Kelly
Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder And It May Be Necessary From Time To Time To Give A Stupid Or Misinformed Beholder A Black Eye.
~ Miss Piggy
Every Composer Knows The Anguish And Despair Occasioned By Forgetting Ideas Which One Had No Time To Write Down.
~ Hector Berlioz
The Writer Who Possesses The Creative Gift Owns Something Of Which He Is Not Always Master- Something That At Time Strangely Wills And Works For Itself.
~ Charlotte Bronte
What Is A Thousand Years Time Is Short For One Who Thinks, Endless For One Who Yearns.
~ Alain
He Who Has Done His Best For His Own Time Has Lived For All Times.
~ Johann von Schille