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The Last Time Anybody Made A List Of The Top Hundred Character Attributes Of New Yorkers, Common Sense Snuck In At Number 79.
~ Douglas Adams, "Mostly Harmless"
Time Invested In Improving Ourselves Cuts Down On Time Wasted In Disapproving Of Others.
~ Author Unknown
In Answer To The Question Of Why It Happened, I Offer The Modest Proposal That Our Universe Is Simply One Of Those Things Which Happen From Time To Time.
~ Edward P. Tryon
Life Is Short And We Have Never Too Much Time For Gladdening The Hearts Of Those Who Are Traveling The Dark Journey With Us. Oh Be Swift To Love, Make Haste To Be Kind.
~ Henri Frdric Amiel
There Isn? T Much Better In This Life Than Finding A Way To Spend A Few Hours In Conversation With People You Respect And Love. You Have To Carve This Time Out Of Your Life Because You Aren? T Really Living Without It.
~ Real Live Preacher, RealLivePreacher. com Weblog, August 27, 2003
The Need To Be Right All The Time Is The Biggest Bar To New Ideas. It Is Better To Have Enough Ideas For Some Of Them To Be Wrong Than To Be Always Right By Having No Ideas At All.
~ Edward De Bono
Every Time A Friend Succeeds, I Die A Little.
~ Gore Vidal
For Hatred Does Not Cease By Hatred At Any Time Hatred Ceases By Love - This Is An Old Rule.
~ The Dhammapada
History Is A Cyclic Poem Written By Time Upon The Memories Of Man.
~ Percy Bysshe Shelley
I Was Very Strange Back Then. I Could See I Had Problems. I Would Sit In A Closet A Lot Of The Time And Not Come Out, Or I Would Sit Up On Top Of My Desk, Or Under My Desk, Or Do Weird Things Like Get My Wisdom Teeth Out And Bleed All Over The Hallways.
~ Tim Burton, Burton On Burton
If Grass Can Grow Through Cement, Love Can Find You At Every Time In Your Life.
~ Che
Have Patience Awhile Slanders Are Not Long-lived. Truth Is The Child Of Time Erelong She Shall Appear To Vindicate Thee.
~ Immanuel Kant