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Time Quotes

from thousands of famous people

History Does Not Record Anywhere At Any Time A Religion That Has Any Rational Basis. Religion Is A Crutch For People Not Strong Enough To Stand Up To The Unknown Without Help. But, Like Dandruff, Most People Do Have A Religion And Spend Time And Money On It And Seem To Derive Considerable Pleasure From Fiddling With It.
~ Robert Heinlein, Time Enough for Love (1972)
You Can Do Anything That You Wanna Do. All You Gotta Do Is To Put Your Brain Into It. Take Your Time And Educate Your Mind.
~ Coolio, The Winne
There Isnt Much Better In This Life Than Finding A Way To Spend A Few Hours In Conversation With People You Respect And Love. You Have To Carve This Time Out Of Your Life Because You Arent Really Living Without It.
~ Real Live Preache
Come Out Of The Circle Of Time And Into The Circle Of Love.
~ Jalal ud- Din Rumi
One Thing You Will Probably Remember Well Is Any Time You Forgive And Forget.
~ Franklin P. Jones
I Have No Expectation Of Making A Hit Every Time I Come To Bat. What I Seek Is The Highest Possible Batting Average.
~ Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Life Is Made Up Of Constant Calls To Action, And We Seldom Have Time For More Than Hastily Contrived Answers.
~ Learned Hand
You Begin Saving The World By Saving One Person At A Time All Else Is Grandiose Romanticism Or Politics.
~ Charles Bukowski
How Much Time He Saves Who Does Not Look To See What His Neighbor Says Or Does Or Thinks.
~ Marcus Aurelius Antoninus
When Asked What Was The Proper Time For Supper If You Are A Rich Man, Whenever You Please And If You Are A Poor Man, Whenever You Can.
~ Diogenes the Cynic
Employ Thy Time Well, If Thou Meanest To Get Leisure.
~ Benjamin Franklin
You Are Young, My Son, And, As The Years Go By, Time Will Change And Even Reverse Many Of Your Present Opinions. Refrain Therefore Awhile From Setting Yourself Up As A Judge Of The Highest Matters.
~ Plato, Dialogues, Theatetus