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God Seems To Have Left The Receiver Off The Hook And Time Is Running Out.
~ Arthur Koestle
The Only Time People Dislike Gossip Is When You Gossip About Them.
~ Will Rogers
The Time To Reapir The Roof Is When The Sun Is Shining.
~ John Fitzgerald Kennedy
We Live In A Time Of Such Rapid Change And Growth Of Knowledge That Only He Who Is In A Fundamental Sense A Scholar-that Is, A Person Who Continues To Learn And Inquire-can Hope To Keep Pace, Let Alone Play The Role Of Guide.
~ Nathan M. Pusey
This Is Why I Loved The Support Groups So Much. If People Thought You Were Dying, They Gave You Their Full Attention. If This Might Be The Last Time They Saw You, They Really Saw You? People Listened Instead Of Just Waiting For Their Turn To Speak. And When They Spoke, They Weren? T Telling You A Story. When The Two Of You Talked, You Were Building Something, And Afterward You Were Both Different Than Before.
~ Chuck Palahniuk, Fight Clu
Every Time I Paint A Portrait I Lose A Friend.
~ John Singer Sargent, quoted in Bentley and Esar, Treasury of Humorous Quotations (1951)
Inside Each And Every One Of Us Is A Person That No One Knows. A Person, Should You Take The Time To Look, Is Waiting To Be Discovered, Wanting You To Take Notice. Take A Few Minutes Every Day And Sit Down To Chat To This Person. Who Knows What You May Learn.
~ Neill MacRae
Buying Books Would Be A Good Thing If One Could Also Buy The Time To Read Them In: But As A Rule The Purchase Of Books Is Mistaken For The Appropriation Of Their Contents.
~ Arthuer Schopenhaue
There Are Periods In History When Change Is Necessary, And Other Periods When It Is Better To Keep Everything For The Time As It Is. The Art Of Life Is To Be In The Rhythm Of Your Age.
~ Oswald Mosley
It Is Possible To Own Too Much. A Man With One Watch Knows What Time It Is A Man With Two Watches Is Never Quite Sure.
~ Lee Segall
Whenever You Find That You Are On The Side Of The Majority, It Is Time To Reform.
~ Mark Twain
I Have Made This Letter Longer, Because I Have Not Had The Time To Make It Shorter.
~ Blaise Pascal, "Lettres provinciales", letter 16, 1657