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Every Time I See An Adult On A Bicycle, I No Longer Despair For The Future Of The Human Race.
~ H. G. Wells
I Remember A Time When Everybody I Loved Hated Me Because I Hated Them. - Letter To Stuart Sutcliffe Circa 1960.
~ John Lennon
Every Composer Knows The Anguish And Despair Occasioned By Forgetting Ideas Which One Had No Time To Write Down.
~ Hector Berlioz
Peace For Any Prolonged Period Of Time Is Impossible. Humans Have A Natural Thirst For Chaos And War Is The Most Readily Available Form Of Chaos.
~ Frank Herbert, Dune
The Season Of Failure Is The Best Time For Sowing The Seeds Of Success.
~ Paramahansa Yogananda
No President In History Has Been More Vilified Or Was More Vilivied During The Time He Was President Than Lincoln. Those Who Knew Him, His Secretaries, Have Written That He Was Deeply Hurt By What Was Said About Him And Drawn About Him, But On The Other Hand, Lincoln Had The Great Strength Of Character Never To Display It, Always Able To Stand Tall And Strong And Firm No Matter How Harsh Or Unfair The Criticism Might Be. These Elements Of Greatness, Of Course, Inspire Us All Today.
~ Richard Nixon
Those Who Have Long Enjoyed Such Privleges As We Enjoy Forget In Time That Men Have Died To Win Them.
~ Franklin D. Roosevelt
If I Had The Time To Sit Down And Write A Thank-you Note To Everyone Who Sent Me A Nice, Expensive Present, What A Wonderful World That Would Be.
~ Jack Handey Deep Thoughts
Our Generation Has An Incredible Amount Of Realism, Yet At The Same Time It Loves To Complain And Not Really Change Because If It Does Change Then It Won? T Have Anything To Complain About.
~ Tori Amos
One Loses All The Time Which He Might Employ To Better Purpose.
~ Jean- Jacques Rousseau
About The Time We Can Make Ends Meet, Somebody Moves The Ends.
~ Herbert Hoove
A Painter Told Me That Nobody Could Draw A Tree Without In Some Sort Becoming A Tree Or Draw A Child By Studying The Outlines Of Its Form Merely... But By Watching For A Time His Motions And Plays, The Painter Enters Into His Nature And Can Then Draw Him At Every Attitude...
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson