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Time Quotes

from thousands of famous people

In This Country England It Is Well To Kill From Time To Time An Admiral To Encourage The Others.
~ Francois Marie Arouet Voltaire
The Beauty Of Daylight-saving Time Is That It Just Makes Everyone Feel Sunnier.
~ Edward Markey, quoted in Associated Press, July 22, 2005
If We Work Upon Marble, It Will Perish If We Work Upon Brass, Time Will Efface It If We Rear Temples, They Will Crumble Into Dust But If We Work Upon Immortal Minds And Instill Into Them Just Principles, We Are Then Engraving That Upon Tablets Which No Time Will Efface, But Will Brighten And Brighten To All Eternity.
~ Daniel Webste
We Are Not Put On Earth For Ourselves, But Are Placed Here For Each Other. If You Are There Always For Others, Then In Time Of Need, Someone Will Be There For You.
~ Jeff Warne
Christmas Is A Time When Kids Tell Santa What They Want And Adults Pay For It. Deficits Are When Adults Tell The Government What They Want-and Their Kids Pay For It.
~ Richard Lamm
If I Had Permitted My Failures, Or What Seemed To Me At The Time A Lack Of Success, To Discourage Me I Cannot See Any Way In Which I Would Ever Have Made Progress.
~ Calvin Coolidge
Every Time We Remember To Say Thank You, We Experience Nothing Less Than Heaven On Earth.
~ Sarah Ban Breathnach
The Only Obligation Which I Have A Right To Assume, Is To Do At Any Time What I Think Right.
~ Henry David Thoreau, Civil Disobience
Next Time I Will... From Now On I Will... What Makes Me Think I Am Wiser Today Than I Will Be Tomorrow
~ Hugh Prathe
Hardly A Competent Workman Can Be Found Who Does Not Devote A Considerable Amount Of Time To Studying Just How Slowly He Can Work And Still Convince His Employer That He Is Going At A Good Pace.
~ Frederick W. Taylo
Know The True Value Of Time Snatch, Seize, And Enjoy Every Moment Of It. No Idleness No Laziness No Procrastination Never Put Off Till Tomorrow What You Can Do Today.
~ Lord Chesterfield
Regret For Wasted Time Is More Wasted Time.
~ Mason Cooley, O Magazine, April 2004