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Time Quotes

from thousands of famous people

Time Crumbles Things Everything Grows Old Under The Power Of Time And Is Forgotten Through The Lapse Of Time.
~ Aristotle
Happy Is He Who Still Loves Something He Loved In The Nursery He Has Not Been Broken In Two By Time He Is Not Two Men, But One, And He Has Saved Not Only His Soul, But His Life.
~ Gilbert Keith Chesterton
There Comes A Time In Each Life Like A Point Of Fulcrum. At That Time You Must Accept Yourself. It Is Not Any More What You Will Become. It Is What You Are And Always Will Be.
~ John Dean
There Comes A Time When Summer Asks What You Have Been Doing All Winter.
~ Unknown
Truth Has No Special Time Of Its Own. Its Hour Is Now -- Always.
~ Albert Schweitze
An Unhurried Sense Of Time Is In Itself A Form Of Wealth.
~ Bonnie Friedman, in New York Times
More Than Any Time In History Mankind Faces A Crossroads. One Path Leads To Despair And Utter Hopelessness, The Other To Total Extinction. Let Us Pray That We Have The Wisdom To Choose Correctly.
~ Woody Allen
Quotation... A Writer Expresses Himself In Words That Have Been Used Before Because They Give His Meaning Better Than He Can Give It Himself, Or Because They Are Beautiful Or Witty, Or Because He Expects Them To Touch A Cord Of Association In His Reader, Or Because He Wishes To Show That He Is Learned And Well Read. Quotations Due To The Last Motive Are Invariably Ill-advised The Discerning Reader Detects It And Is Contemptuous The Undiscerning Is Perhaps Impressed, But Even Then Is At The Same Time Repelled, Pretentious Quotations Being The Surest Road To Tedium.
~ Henry W. Fowle
Remember That Lost Time Does Not Return.
~ Thomas a Kempis
Those Who Enjoy Such Freedoms As We Enjoy, Forget In Time That Men Died To Earn Them.
~ Franklin Roosevelt
One May Discover A New Side To His Most Intimate Friend When For The First Time He Hears Him Speak In Public. He Will Be Stranger To Him As He Is More Familiar To The Audience. The Longest Intimacy Could Not Foretell How He Would Behave Then.
~ Henry David Thoreau
Lost Time Is Never Found Again.
~ Benjamin Franklin