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Time Quotes

from thousands of famous people

What Is Ten Thousand Years? Time Is Short For One Who Thinks, Endless For One Who Yearns.
~ Alain
Before You Act Consider When You Have Considered, Tis Fully Time To Act.
~ Sallust
The Time To Stop Talking Is When The Other Person Nods His Head Affirmatively But Says Nothing.
~ Henry S. Haskins
It Takes Less Time To Do Things Right Than To Explain Why You Did It Wrong.
~ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
There Comes A Time When Summer Asks What You Have Been Doing All Winter.
~ Unknown
We Seem To Have A Compulsion These Days To Bury Time Capsules In Order To Give Those People Living In The Next Century Or So Some Idea Of What We Are Like. I Have Prepared One Of My Own. I Have Placed Some Rather Large Samples Of Dynamite, Gunpowder, And Nitroglycerin. My Time Capsule Is Set To Go Off In The Year 3000. It Will Show Them What We Are Really Like.
~ Alfred Hitchcock
Each Time You Are Honest And Conduct Yourself With Honesty, A Success Force Will Drive You Toward Greater Success. Each Time You Lie, Even With A Little White Lie, There Are Strong Forces Pushing You Toward Failure.
~ Joseph Sugarman
There Is No Greater Sorrow Than To Be Mindful Of The Happy Time In Misery.
~ Dante Alighieri
No One Can Deny That Much Of Our Modern Advertising Is Essentially Dishonest; And It Can Be Maintained That To Lie Freely And All The Time For Private Profit Is Not To Abuse The Right Of Free Speech, Whether It Is A Violation Of The Law Or Not. But Again The Practical Question Is, How Much Lying For Private Profit Is To Be Permitted By Law?
~ Carl L. Becke
The Writer Who Possesses The Creative Gift Owns Something Of Which He Is Not Always Master- Something That At Time Strangely Wills And Works For Itself.
~ Charlotte Bronte
They Were So Strong In Their Beliefs That There Came A Time When It Hardly Mattered What Exactly Those Beliefs Were They All Fused Into A Single Stubbornness.
~ Louise Erdrich
Time Is Dead As Long As It Is Being Clicked Off By Little Wheels; Only When The Clock Stops Does Time Come To Life.
~ William Faulkne