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In A Time Of Drastic Change, It Is The Learners Who Inherit The Future. The Learned Find Themselves Equipped To Live In A World Which No Longer Exists.
~ Eric Hoffe
Heaven-born, The Soul A Heavenward Course Must Hold Beyond The World She Soars The Wise Man, I Affirm, Can Find No Rest In That Which Perishes, Nor Will He Lend His Heart To Ought That Doth Time Depend.
~ Michelangelo Buonarroti
I Wasted Time, And Now Doth Time Waste Me.
~ William Shakespeare
Friendships That Have Stood The Test Of Time And Change Are Surely Best.
~ Joseph Parry
Celebrity Was A Long Time In Coming It Will Go Away. Everything Goes Away.
~ Carol Burnett
Hardly A Competent Workman Can Be Found Who Does Not Devote A Considerable Amount Of Time To Studying Just How Slowly He Can Work And Still Convince His Employer That He Is Going At A Good Pace.
~ Frederick W. Taylo
I Guess One Of The Funniest Memories Of My Grandfather Was The Time I Was At His House And That Tied-up Man With The Gag In His Mouth Came Hopping Out Of The Closet And Started Yelling That HE Was Really My Grandfather And The Other Guy Was An Imposter And To Run For Help. Who Was That Guy Oh, Well, Never Saw HIM Again.
~ Jack Handey Deep Thoughts
When Vultures Watching Your Civilization Begin Dropping Dead, It Is Time To Pause And Wonder.
~ David Browe
Let Not The Sands Of Time Get In Your Lunch.
~ National Lampoon, "Deteriorata"
No One Can Deny That Much Of Our Modern Advertising Is Essentially Dishonest; And It Can Be Maintained That To Lie Freely And All The Time For Private Profit Is Not To Abuse The Right Of Free Speech, Whether It Is A Violation Of The Law Or Not. But Again The Practical Question Is, How Much Lying For Private Profit Is To Be Permitted By Law?
~ Carl L. Becke
I Still Believe In Liberalism Today As Much As I Ever Did, But, Oh, There Was A Happy Time When I Believed In Liberals...
~ G. K. Chesterton
If We Work Upon Marble, It Will Perish If We Work Upon Brass, Time Will Efface It If We Rear Temples, They Will Crumble Into Dust But If We Work Upon Immortal Minds And Instill Into Them Just Principles, We Are Then Engraving That Upon Tablets Which No Time Will Efface, But Will Brighten And Brighten To All Eternity.
~ Daniel Webste