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We Trained Hard, But It Seemed That Every Time We Were Beginning To Form Up Into Teams We Would Be Reorganised.? I Was To Learn Later In Life That We Tend To Meet Any New Situation By Reorganising: And A Wonderful Method It Can Be For Creating The Illusion Of Progress, While Producing Confusion, Inefficiency And Demoralisation.
~ Caius Petronius, Roman Consul, 66 A. D
What A Terrible Time This Is To Be A Christian. The Churches Have Failed And Betrayed Us, And The Ministry Preaches Hate And Murder. If There Is A Sane And Reasoning Voice In The Christian Church Today It Is Sadly Silent.
~ Francois Arouet
For A Nation Which Has An Almost Evil Reputation For Bustle, Bustle, Bustle, And Rush, Rush, Rush, We Spend An Enormous Amount Of Time Standing Around In Line In Front Of Windows, Just Waiting.
~ Robert Benchley
I Feel It Is Time That I Also Pay Tribute To My Four Writers, Matthew, Mark, Luke And John.
~ Fulton John Sheen
One Must Never Lose Time In Vainly Regretting The Past Or In Complaining Against The Changes Which Cause Us Discomfort, For Change Is The Essence Of Life.
~ Anatole France
It Ever Has Been Since Time Began, And Ever Will Be, Till Time Lose Breath, That Love Is A Mood - No More - To A Man, And Love To A Woman Is Life Or Death.
~ Ella Wheeler Wilcox
Remember That Time Is Money.
~ Benjamin Franklin
There Is So Much Time And So Little To Do; Strike That, Reverse It.
~ Willy Wonka, Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory
Half Our Life Is Spent Trying To Find Something To Do With The Time We Have Rushed Through Life Trying To Save.
~ Will Rogers, New York TImes, Apr. 29, 1930
Any Great Work Of Art Revives And Readapts Time And Space, And The Measure Of Its Success Is The Extent To Which It Makes You An Inhabitant Of That World -- The Extent To Which It Invites You In And Lets You Breathe Its Strange, Special Air.
~ Leonard Bernstein
Spring Is The Time Of The Year, When It Is Summer In The Sun And Winter In The Shade.
~ Charles Dickens, Great expectations
Eduaction Is An Admirable Thing, But It Is Well To Remember From Time To Time That Nothing That Is Worth Knowing Can Be Taught.
~ Oscar Wilde