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Men In Earnest Have No Time To Waste In Patching Fig-leaves For The Naked Truth.
~ Hubert Humphrey
Life Is Made Up Of Constant Calls To Action, And We Seldom Have Time For More Than Hastily Contrived Answers.
~ Learned Hand
We Look Forward To The Time When The Power To Love Will Replace The Love Of Power. Then Will Our World Know The Blessings Of Peace.
~ William Gladstone
I Think That We Have Created A New Kind Of Person In A Way. We Have Created A Child Who Will Be So Exposed To The Media That He Will Be Lost To His Parents By The Time He Is 12.
~ David Bowie
How Frequently The Last Time Comes And We Do Not Know.
~ John Walte
You Will Never Find Time For Anything. If You Want Time You Must Make It.
~ Charles Buxton
Gratitude Is Born In Hearts That Take Time To Count Up Past Mercies.
~ Charles E. Jefferson
Happy Is He Who Still Loves Something He Loved In The Nursery He Has Not Been Broken In Two By Time He Is Not Two Men, But One, And He Has Saved Not Only His Soul, But His Life.
~ Gilbert Keith Chesterton
To Read A Book For The First Time Is To Make The Acquaintance Of A New Friend; To Read It A Second Time Is To Meet An Old One.
~ Selwyn Champion
Never Before Have We Had So Little Time In Which To Do So Much.
~ Franklin Delano Roosevelt
He That Will Not Apply New Remedies Must Expect New Evils For Time Is The Greatest Innovator.
~ Francis Bacon
He Who Is In Love Is Wise And Is Becoming Wiser, Sees Newly Every Time He Looks At The Object Beloved, Drawing From It With His Eyes And His Mind Those Virtues Which It Possesses.
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson, Address on The Method of Nature, 1841