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The Man Whose Acquisitions Stick Is The Man Who Is Always Achieving And Advancing Whilst His Neighbors, Spending Most Of Their Time In Relearning What They Once Knew But Have Forgotten, Simply Hold Their Own.
~ William James
Lost Wealth May Be Replaced By Industry, Lost Knowledge By Study, Lost Health By Temperance Or Medicine, But Lost Time Is Gone Forever.
~ Samuel Smiles
This Is No Time To Act Like A Gentleman. I Am A Cad And Shall React Like One.
~ George Sanders
It Has Just Been Twenty-three Years Since I Began To Wander. In The Next Twenty-three Years I Wonder If There Will Come A Time When Life Is No Longer A Wonderful Adventure; When There Is Not Some Interesting Experience In Things Or Personalities Waiting Just Around The Corner. If That Time Does Come, I Hope That My Release Will Be Swift.
~ Roy Chapman Andrews, Ends of the Earth, 1929
By The Time The Child Can Draw More That Scribble, By The Age Of Four Or Five Years, An Already Well-formed Body Of Conceptual Knowledge Formulated In Language Dominates His Memory And Controls His Graphic Work. Drawings Are Graphic Accounts Of Essentially Verbal Processes. As An Essentially Verbal Education Gains Control, The Child Abandons His Graphic Efforts And Relies Almost Entirely On Words. Language Has First Spoilt Drawing And Then Swallowed It Up Completely.
~ Karl Buhler, 1930
My Hometown Was So Dull That One Time The Tide Went Out And Never Came Back.
~ Fred Allen
The Beauty Of Daylight-saving Time Is That It Just Makes Everyone Feel Sunnier.
~ Edward Markey, quoted in Associated Press, July 22, 2005
What Is Hardest To Accept About The Passage Of Time Is That The People Who Once Mattered The Most To Us Are Wrapped Up In Parentheses.
~ John Irving, _The Cider House Rules_ (1985)
If You Want To Understand Democracy, Spend Less Time In The Library With Plato And More Time In The Buses With People.
~ Simeon Strunsky
Youth Is The Best Time To Be Rich And The Best Time To Be Poor.
~ Euripides
It May Be That The Old Astrologers Had The Truth Exactly Reversed, When They Believed That The Stars Controlled The Destinies Of Men. The Time May Come When Men Control The Destinies Of Stars.
~ Arthur C. Clarke, First on the Moon, 1970
We Must Use Time As A Tool, Not As A Couch.
~ John Fitzgerald Kennedy