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Quarrel Not At All. No Man Resolved To Make The Most Of Himself Can Spare Time For Personal Contention.
~ Abraham Lincoln, in a letter to J. M. Cutts, October 26, 1863
The Whole Life Of Man Is But A Point Of Time Let Us Enjoy It.
~ Plutarch
Now, Now My Good Man, This Is No Time For Making Enemies.
~ Voltaire, on his deathbed in response to a priest asking that he renounce Satan
When The Time Comes For Friends To Part, Love Will Be The Bride, From Heart To Heart.
~ Unknown
The Universe Seems Wondrous To Me, With Or Without God. It Has Powerful Lines And Uncompromising Ways. Patience And Time Sit Like Sages On The Planets, Strong And Impersonal. There Is A Stark Beauty To All Of This.
~ Real Live Preacher, reallivepreacher. com weblog, September 4, 2003
A Man Has No More Character Than He Can Command In A Time Of Crisis.
~ Anonymous
More Than Any Other Time In History, Mankind Faces A Crossroads. One Path Leads To Despair And Utter Hopelessness. The Other, To Total Extinction. Let Us Pray We Have The Wisdom To Choose Correctly.
~ Woody Allen
The Tree Of Liberty Needs To Be Watered From Time To Time With The Blood Of Patriots And Tyrants.
~ Thomas Jefferson
Regret For Wasted Time Is More Wasted Time.
~ Mason Cooley, O Magazine, April 2004
The World Is Divided Into Two Kinds Of People, Those Who Spend A Great Deal Of Time Saving Money, And Those Who Spend A Great Deal Of Money Saving Time.
~ Peter Cochrane, Head of BT Labs UK taling about the internet - November 2000
There Comes A Time When The Mind Takes A Higher Plane Of Knowledge But Can Never Prove How It Got There.
~ Albert Einstein
I Guess One Of The Funniest Memories Of My Grandfather Was The Time I Was At His House And That Tied-up Man With The Gag In His Mouth Came Hopping Out Of The Closet And Started Yelling That HE Was Really My Grandfather And The Other Guy Was An Imposter And To Run For Help. Who Was That Guy Oh, Well, Never Saw HIM Again.
~ Jack Handey Deep Thoughts