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Time Quotes

from thousands of famous people

Never Give Up, For That Is Just The Place And Time That The Tide Will Turn.
~ Harriet
Il Faut Laisser Du Temps Au Temps You Have To Give Time Time - Approximate Translation.
~ Francois Mitterand
Perhaps In Time The So-called Dark Ages Will Be Thought Of As Including Our Own.
~ Georg Christoph Lichtenberg
I Remember A Time When Everybody I Loved Hated Me Because I Hated Them. - Letter To Stuart Sutcliffe Circa 1960.
~ John Lennon
He That Will Not Apply New Remedies Must Expect New Evils; For Time Is The Greatest Innovator.
~ Sir Francis Bacon
Mornings Are Wonderful! The Only Drawback Is That They Come At Such An Inconvenient Time Of Day!
~ Glen Cook, Sweet Silver Blues
Our Repeated Failure To Fully Act As We Would Wish Must Not Discourage Us. It Is The Sincere Intention That Is The Essential Thing, And This Will In Time Release Us From The Bondage Of Habits Which At Present Seem Almost Insuperable.
~ Thomas Troward
Acting Deals With Very Delicate Emotions. It Is Not Putting Up A Mask. Each Time An Actor Acts He Does Not Hide He Exposes Himself.
~ Jeanne Moreau
Do Not Condemn The Man That Cannot Think Or Act As Fast As You Can, Because There Was A Time When You Could Not Do Things As Well As You Can Today.
~ Dr. Martin Luther King Jr
Each Time Someone Stands Up For An Ideal, Or Acts To Improve The Lot Of Others, Or Strikes Out Against Injustice, He Sends Forth A Tiny Ripple Of Hope.
~ Robert F. Kennedy
We Think Very Little Of Time Present; We Anticipate The Future, As Being Too Slow, And With A View To Hasten It Onward, We Recall The Past To Stay It As Too Swiftly Gone. We Are So Thoughtless, That We Thus Wander Through The Hours Which Are Not Here, Regardless Only Of The Moment That Is Actually Our Own.
~ Blaise Pascal
A Painter Told Me That Nobody Could Draw A Tree Without In Some Sort Becoming A Tree Or Draw A Child By Studying The Outlines Of Its Form Merely... But By Watching For A Time His Motions And Plays, The Painter Enters Into His Nature And Can Then Draw Him At Every Attitude...
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson