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from thousands of famous people

The Gun Lobby Finds Waiting Periods Inconvenient. You Have Only To Ask My Husband How Inconvenient He Finds His Wheelchair From Time To Time.
~ Sarah Brady
I Have No Expectation Of Making A Hit Every Time I Come To Bat. What I Seek Is The Highest Possible Batting Average.
~ Franklin Delano Roosevelt
We Live In A Time Of Transition, An Uneasy Era Which Is Likely To Endure For The Rest Of This Century. During The Period We May Be Tempted To Abandon Some Of The Time-honored Principles And Commitments Which Have Been Proven During The Difficult Times Of Past Generations. We Must Never Yield To This Temptation. Our American Values Are Not Luxuries, But Necessities - Not The Salt In Our Bread, But The Bread Itself.
~ Jimmy Carter, in his farewell address
A Week Is A Long Time In Politics.
~ Harold Wilson
In The Beginning Was The Word. But By The Time The Second Word Was Added To It, There Was Trouble. For With It Came Syntax...
~ John Simon
But Already It Is Time To Depart, For Me To Die, For You To Go On Living; Which Of Us Takes The Better Course, Is Concealed From Anyone Except God.
~ Socrates, Apology, (Plato)
When You Get Into A Tight Place And Everything Goes Against You, Till It Seems As Though You Could Not Hang On A Minute Longer, Never Give Up Then, For That Is Just The Place And Time That The Tide Will Turn.
~ Harriet
The Best Way To Fill Time Is To Waste It.
~ Marguerite Duras
No Man Resolved To Make The Most Of Himself Has Time To Waste On Personal Contention.
~ Abraham Lincoln
He Who Is In Love Is Wise And Is Becoming Wiser, Sees Newly Every Time He Looks At The Object Beloved, Drawing From It With His Eyes And His Mind Those Virtues Which It Possesses.
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson, Address on The Method of Nature, 1841
The Time Has Come For All Good Men To Rise Above Principle.
~ Huey Long
Half The Time Men Think They Are Talking Business, They Are Wasting Time.
~ Edgar Watson Howe