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Time Quotes

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In A Time Of Drastic Change It Is The Learners Who Inherit The Future. The Learned Usually Find Themselves Equipped To Live In A World That No Longer Exists.
~ Eric Hoffe
For The Very First Time The Young Are Seeing History Being Made Before It Is Censored By Their Elders.
~ Margaret Mead
An Intelligent Man Is Sometimes Forced To Be Drunk To Spend Time With His Fools.
~ Ernest Hemingway
We Spend Most Of Our Time And Energy In A Kind Of Horizontal Thinking. We Move Along The Surface Of Thingsbut There Are Times When We Stop. We Sit Sill. We Lose Ourselves In A Pile Of Leaves Or Its Memory. We Listen And Breezes From A Whole Other World Begin To Whisper.
~ James Carroll
I Was Born Not Knowing And Have Had Only A Little Time To Change That Here And There.
~ Richard Feynman, Letter to Armando Garcia J, December 11, 1985
The Only Time You Ever Run Out Of Chances Is When You Stop Taking Them.
~ Patty Labelle
This Is The Miracle That Happens Every Time To Those Who Really Love The More They Give, The More They Possess.
~ Rainer Maria Rilke
You May Delay, But Time Will Not.
~ Benjamin Franklin
I Have Made This Letter Longer, Because I Have Not Had The Time To Make It Shorter.
~ Blaise Pascal
The Test Of A First-rate Intelligence Is The Ability To Hold Two Opposed Ideas In Mind At The Same Time And Still Retain The Ability To Function.
~ F. Scott Fitzgerald
We Have Talked Long Enough In This Country About Equal Rights. ... It Is Time Now To Write The Next Chapter-and To Write It In The Books Of Law.
~ Lyndon B. Johnson
Every Time We Say, Let There Be! In Any Form, Something Happens.
~ Stella Terrill Mann