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A Man Is Wise With The Wisdom Of His Time Only, And Ignorant With Its Ignorance. Observe How The Greatest Minds Yield In Some Degree To The Superstitions Of Their Age.
~ Henry David Thoreau
When Asked What Was The Proper Time For Supper If You Are A Rich Man, Whenever You Please; And If You Are A Poor Man, Whenever You Can.
~ Diogenes the Cynic, from Diogenes Laertius, Lives of Eminent Philosophers
He Waited For The Mask To Drop Off, But At The Same Time He Did Not Question Her Right To Wear It.
~ F. Scott Fitzgerald
I Cannot Afford To Waste My Time Making Money.
~ Jean Louis Rodolphe Agassiz
Youth Is Not A Time Of Life, It Is A State Of Mind. You Are As Old As Your Doubt, Your Fear, Your Despair. The Way To Keep Young Is To Keep Your Faith Young. Keep Your Self Confidence Young. Keep Your Hope Young.
~ Luella F. Phean
The First Time You Do The Impossible, It May Take A Little Longer.
~ Sheila M. Kelly
One May Discover A New Side To His Most Intimate Friend When For The First Time He Hears Him Speak In Public. He Will Be Stranger To Him As He Is More Familiar To The Audience. The Longest Intimacy Could Not Foretell How He Would Behave Then.
~ Henry David Thoreau
What Is This Life If, So Full Of Care, We Have No Time To Stand And Stare.
~ W. H. Davies
All The President Is, Is A Glorified Public Relations Man Who Spends His Time Flattering, Kissing And Kicking People To Get Them To Do What They Are Supposed To Do Anyway.
~ Harry S Truman, Letter to his sister, Nov. 14, 1947
Temptation Rarely Comes In Working Hours. It Is In Their Leisure Time That Men Are Made Or Marred.
~ W. N. Taylo
The Hottest Places In Hell Are Reserved For Those Who, In Time Of Great Moral Crisis, Maintain Their Neutrality.
~ - Dante Alighieri
Al Czervik Last Time I Saw A Mouth Like That, It Had A Hook In It.
~ CaddyShack