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Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder And It May Be Necessary From Time To Time To Give A Stupid Or Misinformed Beholder A Black Eye.
~ Miss Piggy
The 6s, Of Course, Was The Worst Time In The World To Try To Bring Up A Child. They Were Exposed To All These Crazy Things Going On.
~ Nancy Davis Reagan
Each Time You Are Honest And Conduct Yourself With Honesty, A Success Force Will Drive You Toward Greater Success. Each Time You Lie, Even With A Little White Lie, There Are Strong Forces Pushing You Toward Failure.
~ Joseph Sugarman
Canadians Are Cold So Much Of The Time That Many Of Them Leave Instructions To Be Cremated.
~ Cynthia Nelms
The Last Time Anybody Made A List Of The Top Hundred Character Attributes Of New Yorkers, Common Sense Snuck In At Number 79.
~ Douglas Adams, "Mostly Harmless"
Capitalism Needs To Function Like A Game Of Tug-of-war. Two Opposing Sides Need To Continually Struggle For Dominance, But At No Time Can Either Side Be Permitted To Walk Away With The Rope.
~ Pete Holiday
Just Because The Solutions Of Problems Are Not Visible At Any Particular Time Does Not Mean That Those Problems Will Never Be Alleviated -- Or Confined To Tolerable Dimensions. History Has A Way Of Changing The Very Terms In Which Problems Operate And Of Leaving Them, In The End, Unsolved, To Be Sure, Yet Strangely Deflated Of Their Original Meaning And Importance.
~ M. I. Abramowitz
I Wasted Time, Now Time Doth Waste Me.
~ William Shakespeare, Richard II
This Is Why I Loved The Support Groups So Much. If People Thought You Were Dying, They Gave You Their Full Attention. If This Might Be The Last Time They Saw You, They Really Saw You? People Listened Instead Of Just Waiting For Their Turn To Speak. And When They Spoke, They Weren? T Telling You A Story. When The Two Of You Talked, You Were Building Something, And Afterward You Were Both Different Than Before.
~ Chuck Palahniuk, Fight Clu
That Which The Dream Shows Is The Shadow Of Such Wisdom As Exists In Man, Even If During His Waking State He May Know Nothing About It... We Do Not Know It Because We Are Fooling Away Our Time With Outward And Perishing Things, And Are Asleep In Regard To That Which Is Real Within Ourself.
~ Philipus Aureolus Paracelsus
Let The Refining And Improving Of Your Own Life Keep You So Busy That You Have Little Time To Criticize Others.
~ H. Jackson Browne
About The Time We Can Make Ends Meet, Somebody Moves The Ends.
~ Herbert Hoove