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Time Quotes

from thousands of famous people

When Humans Participate In Ceremony, They Enter A Sacred Space. Everything Outside Of That Space Shrivels In Importance. Time Takes On A Different Dimension. Emotions Flow More Freely. The Bodies Of Participants Become Filled With The Energy Of Life, And This Energy Reaches Out And Blesses The Creation Around Them. All Is Made New Everything Becomes Sacred.
~ Sun Bea
Our Greatest Glory Consists Not In Never Failing, But In Rising Every Time We Fall.
~ Vincent Van Gogh
When The Time Comes For Friends To Part, Love Will Be The Bride, From Heart To Heart.
~ Unknown
Never Before Have We Had So Little Time In Which To Do So Much.
~ Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Be Ready When Opportunity Comes... Luck Is The Time When Preparation And Opportunity Meet.
~ Roy D. Chapin, Jr
Time Is Dead As Long As It Is Being Clicked Off By Little Wheels; Only When The Clock Stops Does Time Come To Life.
~ William Faulkne
The Test Of A First-fate Intelligence Is The Ability To Hold Two Opposed Ideas In Mind At The Same Time And Still Retain The Ability To Function. One Should, For Example, Be Able To See That Things Are Hopeless And Yet Be Determined To Make Them Otherwise.
~ F. Scott Fitzgerald
We Lost The American Colonies Because We Lacked The Statesmanship To Know The Right Time And The Manner Of Yielding What Is Impossible To Keep.
~ Elizabeth II
I Was Very Strange Back Then. I Could See I Had Problems. I Would Sit In A Closet A Lot Of The Time And Not Come Out, Or I Would Sit Up On Top Of My Desk, Or Under My Desk, Or Do Weird Things Like Get My Wisdom Teeth Out And Bleed All Over The Hallways.
~ Tim Burton, Burton On Burton
My Boredom Threshold Is Low At The Best Of Times But I Have Spent More Time Being Slowly And Excruciatingly Bored By Children Than Any Other Section Of The Human Race.
~ William H. Borah
Let The Refining And Improving Of Your Own Life Keep You So Busy That You Have Little Time To Criticize Others.
~ H. Jackson Browne
Tomorrow Night I Appear For The First Time Before A Boston Audience Of 4000 Critics.
~ Mark Twain