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Time Quotes

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Nothing Else In The World... Not All The Armies... Is So Powerful As An Idea Whose Time Has Come.
~ Victor Hugo
Many Of Us Have Heard Opportunity Knocking At Our Door, But By The Time We Unhooked The Chain, Pushed Back The Bolt, Turned Two Locks, And Shuts Off The Burglar Alarm - It Was Gone.
~ Author Unknown
Work Expands To Fill The Time Available For Its Completion.
~ Cyril Northcote Parkinson
He Who Every Morning Plans The Transaction Of The Day And Follows Out That Plan, Carries A Thread That Will Guide Him Through The Maze Of The Most Busy Life. But Where No Plan Is Laid, Where The Disposal Of Time Is Surrendered Merely To The Chance Of Incidence, Chaos Will Soon Reign.
~ Victor Hugo
Hardly A Competent Workman Can Be Found Who Does Not Devote A Considerable Amount Of Time To Studying Just How Slowly He Can Work And Still Convince His Employer That He Is Going At A Good Pace.
~ Frederick W. Taylo
If There Are No Stupid Questions, Then What Kind Of Questions Do Stupid People Ask Do They Get Smart Just In Time To Ask Questions.
~ Scott Adams
There Comes A Time When Summer Asks What You Have Been Doing All Winter.
~ Unknown
Indeed, What Is There That Does Not Appear Marvelous When It Comes To Our Knowledge For The First Time How Many Things, Too, Are Looked Upon As Quite Impossible Until They Have Been Actually Effected.
~ Pliny the Elde
As If You Could TELL Time Without Injuring Eternity.
~ Matthew Ryan
The Greatest Glory In Living Lies Not In Never Falling, But In Rising Every Time We Fall.
~ Nelson Mandela
To Us, The Moment 8: 17 A. M. Means Something - Something Very Important, If It Happens To Be The Starting Time Of Our Daily Train. To Our Ancestors, Such An Odd Eccentric Instant Was Without Significance - Did Not Even Exist. In Inventing The Locomotive, Watt And Stevenson Were Part Inventors Of Time.
~ Aldous Huxley
I Like This Place, And Willingly Would Waste My Time In It.
~ William Shakespeare, As You Like It